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Re: Recent humor

Nov 30, 2002 01:09 AM
by micforster

Big George W. is on the prowl again, aka Kenya (an up and coming 
cricket side and also a convoluted explanation for the bombing: 
Kenya play cricket - cricket is an English imperialist/colonialist 
sport - England is an ally of the US - the US is an ally of Israel - 
Israelis [as well as Kenyans] were bombed in Kenya!!!!!) 

Beaut post though Larry! You're a humdigger of a bloke....That 
could've knocked the block off a dead dingo's donger!!! I'll have a 
tinnie on that one while also enjoying the Poms getting smashed at 
the waca....great stuff!!

--- In theos-talk@y..., Larry F Kolts <llkingston2@j...> wrote:
> Are we also capable of laughing at ourselves?
> HPB: The Masters report that the chicken crossed the road
> Bri: This is clearly yet another TRICK TO FOOL THE PUBLIC ! 
Science has
> proven beyond a doubt that chickens are not capable of crossing 
the road.
> Daniel: I cite below three affidavits of persons known to have 
> a chicken crossing the road.
> Bri: Person A is a known liar. Person B is deluded and person C has
> countless times been reported in another country when he 
supposedly was
> witnessing this act.
> Dallas: Below are 73 refeerences from the SD on chickens, 
feathers, beaks
> and roads. In case that isn't enough I also cite 10 pages on 
Karma, 14 on
> Reincarnation, 8 on Universal Brotherhood and another 20 on the 
> Fold Constitution of Man.
> Compiler: The following two articles may have some bearing on the 
> of chickens crossing the road. In case the link is broken...
> Mauri: But what if the chicken were really a rooster? Speculatively
> speaking...
> Frank: The chicken was a decoy in a plot to spy out real estate on 
> other side of the road.
> Bart: The Israelis have every right to allow a chicken to tread 
> Palistinian territory.
> Mic: Clearly U.S. President Bush once again shows his true colors 
> allowing this chicken to cross the road. It's really all about oil 
> U.S. business rights
> Larry: Not that anyone really cares but the Book of Mormon has a 
> passage on chickens..
> Steve: I never said I didn't believe the chicken could actually 
cross the
> road.
> Paul: You people can never seem to get it together. I'm out of 
> Happy Thanksgiving to all and hopefully we can lighten up in the 
> Thanks Eldon for the ice breaker.
> Larry 
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