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"H.P. Blavatsky always assumed Arya meant white as in 'white' race. "

Nov 14, 2002 08:34 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Bhakti Ananda Goswami writes:

"H.P. Blavatsky always assumed Arya meant white as in 'white' race. 
What difference does it make if she used the term 'white or the 
term 'Aryan,' when to her they meant the same thing? Whether they are 
called the Aryan or White Brotherhood or Aryan or White Ascended 
Masters or 'Mastered Beings' (currently popular New Age term) makes 
no difference if Arayan means white race. The whole root races idea 
is based on the erroneous premise that Arya in the Sanskrit 
literatures means 'white race.'"
Quoted from:

In the above statement, Goswami does NOT give any references to HPB's 
writings where we could find support for his statements.

As regards Goswami's reference to "Aryan or White Brotherhood or 
Aryan or White Ascended Masters", where in HPB's writings does she 
use these terms?

I also append BELOW all the entries from THE SECRET DOCTRINE under 
the term "Aryan(s) Race."

Daniel H. Caldwell


Aryan(s) Race. See also Root-Race -- Fifth

adept astronomers of II 699 
adepts I vii; II 495 
adepts vs Atlantean sorcerers II 384, 495 
allegories re II 82, 381, 383, 495, 576 
ancestors of Egyptians II 328 
Arabs are later II 200 
Arabs in Afghanistan II 200 &n 
Asiatics saw last of giant Atlanteans II 433 
Atlanteans preceded II 144, 352 
Atlanteans taught II 426 
born in the north II 768 
branches of II 106 
bull symbolizes II 533 
called first speaking race Ad-i II 452 
Carlyle q on II 470 
cataclysm will destroy II 445 
colonies fr Atlantis II 266n 
common religion before separation I xxix 
cosmogony II 23, 241, 500, 536, 603 
decimal system I 360-2 
descend fr yellow Adams II 426 
dvijas II 469 
early, Atlantean II 371 &n, 433n, 743 
early history of II 328, 395, 425-9, 609, 743, 768-9 
era, figures given II 68n 
Europeans & Christians latest I 425 
fifth race incorrectly called II 433-4 
Fohat key to, religions I 673 
height of, after third subrace II 753 
Hindu, navigators before Phoen II 406 
Hindu, nearly one million years old II 470-1 
influence on Babylonian myth II 130 
initiated, view of Moon I 396 
Kabbala came fr I 376 
kali-yuga of I 644-5; II 147n 
knew mysteries of sound, color I 534 
knew of Earth's rotation II 154-5 
languages II 199-200 &nn 
magi emigrate to Sagdiani II 356 
many colors of II 249-50 
migrated to India II 609 
mixed w seventh subrace Atlanteans II 743 
Mysteries based on number ten II 603 
Negroes, Mongols, & II 607n 
neo-, of postdiluvian age II 356 
Neolithic man &, invasion II 716n, 741 
Peris or Izeds were II 394 
philosophy older than Egyptian I 387 
Rama first divine king of II 495 
rel concepts not just physiological II 526 
root-race & fifth continent II 8, 10 
second subrace of, built menhirs II 750 
Semitic &, religion I 115n, 382-3, 444, 655; II 128, 142n, 200 &n 
separated two - three million years ago II 425 
sevenfold classification w II 34, 142n, 614 
spiritual ancestors of II 165-6n, 31 
spiritually higher than Greeks II 158 
swastica mystical conception of II 99-100 
symbols free of impure thought I 382-3 
taught emanation, not creation II 54 
tribes conquered Egypt II 746 
Trojan ancestors were II 101 
Veda theogony of II 450 
war w Atlanteans II 384, 395, 495, 776 
Western, in kali-yuga I 644-5 
wisdom II 449-51 
woman's status in early I 382 
zodiac fr Sons of Yoga II 436n

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