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HPB on the "Aryan races" and "the unity of the human species"

Nov 14, 2002 08:51 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Read what Brigitte Muehlegger and Bhakti Ananda Goswami have written 
about what Blavatsky taught on races, etc. and then COMPARE and 
CONTRAST their statements with, for example, the following extracts 

"The Aryan races, for instance, now varying from dark brown, almost 
black, red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy colour, are yet 
all of one and the same stock -- the Fifth Root-Race -- and spring 
from one single progenitor, called in Hindu exotericism by the 
generic name of Vaivasvata Manu. . . . " SD, II, 249-250.

"Nor is this archaic teaching so very unscientific, since one of the 
greatest naturalists of the age -- the late Professor Agassiz -- 
admitted the multiplicity of the geographical origins of man, and 
supported it to the end of his life. The unity of the human species 
was accepted by the illustrious Professor of Cambridge (U.S.A.) in 
the same way as the Occultists do -- namely, in the sense of their 
essential and original homogeneity and their origin from one and the 
same source: -- e.g., Negroes, Aryans, Mongols, etc., have all 
originated in the same way and from the same ancestors. The latter 
were all of one essence, yet differentiated, because belonging to 
seven planes which differed in degree though not in kind. That 
original physical difference was but little more accentuated by that 
of geographical and climatic conditions, later on. This is not the 
theory of Agassiz, of course, but the esoteric version. . . . "
SD, II, 607, footnote.

Extracts taken from

Daniel H. Caldwell

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