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Re: Theos-World Re.The Mahatma Letters.

Nov 14, 2002 08:23 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Brain and all of you,

As "credentials" seems to have importance to you I have a question to ask a
question - although it is a little offline.

What "credentials" do you (Brian) think the so-called Avatar guru Sathya Sai
Baba from Puttaparthi India has ?
Has his life only been a fake since he left school 14 years old ?
Have you ever meet the guy ?
Has anyone on this list ? And what are their comments ?

M. Sufilight with great fun...

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Subject: Theos-World Re.The Mahatma Letters.

> leonmaurer wrote: less and less sense to anyone who can THINK.
> Brian: An intelligent Theosophists who long left this list although (in
> of him not being on Theos talk) you keep addressing postings to him,
> Jerry, wrote me once on the list where he "really" is: "talking to Leon
> Maurer is like talking to a brick wall, but a prickly one."
> Seeing your post today, I must say Jerry Schueler is right.
> As for "credentials", I know they say yours are close to zero.
> Bhakti Anada Goswhami , I only know him from his letters, made an
> intelligent impression on me. As for his credentials, I looked them up ,
> see below.
> Reading it reminds me , after he left this list due to receiving only
> nitpikkers post , I really should write him and ask to come back to write
> the "Mahatma Letter" commentary he mentioned he might write at first.
> He lives in India, an before becoming disabled by post-polio-syndrome,
> he lectured in the USA and overseas. He was the Mainland USA
> Delegate to the 1982 academic and religious World Hindu Conference co-
> sponsored by the Governments of Tamil Nadu India and Sri Lanka, and
> held at the Summit of Non-Aligned Nations in Sri Lanka.
> While still on his college-contracted independent study tour, he was
> invited by the Prime Minister of Nepal Nagendra Prasad Rijal, to sit on
> the Executive Committee of the World Hindu Organization,
> under the Patronage of King Birendra. And he worked on the
> Organization's Nepal International Zone of Peace and Nuclear Non-
> proliferation Non Governmental Organization platforms for the United
> Nations.
> He completed the oral presentation of his interdisciplinary extended
> master's degree in the history of religion, comparative religion and
> theology in the USA. However, he was hospitalized on a respirator
> before he could complete the publication of his Thesis and obtain his
> Degree.
> In 1993, he was a Sponsor and Presenter at the Centennial World
> Parliament of Religions in Chicago, USA. And in 2000, he gave a West
> Coast L.A. County Museum Tour and Lecture series on Egyptian, Greek,
> Jewish and Vaishnava connections in the pre-Christian Era. And
> organized an exhibit tour at the L.A. County Museum "Pharaohs of the
> Sun" Exhibit.
> He was invited to present two papers on the subject of ancient
> Vaishnava and Afro-Helleno-Semitic, Shaivite and Buddhist connections
> at the major World Association for Vedic Studies academic conference
> held at the Stevens Institute of Technology in late 2000, he recieved
> and actual ovation after his presentation, and not a single scholar could
> challenge either his evidence or his conclusions. There was a full-page
> article in the News-India Times about this.
> He gave up to a half-hour long, RBC Radio in India on such Days and
> Festivals as Maha Kumba Mela, Durga Puja, and Gita Jayanti to hundreds
> of thousands listeners.
> But due to polio muscle exhaustion, after his demanding two week West
> Coast Tour, he lost his ability to produce a voice for several months. But
> he next do an East Coast tour that began by presenting two of his
> papers at the WAVES conference, followed by a two weeks tour.
> Last week his personal assistant (his daughter) wrote that it is unlikely
> that he will be able to attend the upcoming , World Association for Vedic
> Studies, he is currently also not able to do radio programs, and suffers
> periodic central vision loss.
> But he is not "made up" as you ,leonmaurer@a. claim, he is a real
> person.
> --- In theos-talk@y..., leonmaurer@a... wrote:
> > >Brian : I posted clearly WHY the letters where typed in
> > >all caps, I decided to do the most fair I could think of , give this
> > obviously expert person, a voice. Without compromising his the
> identity. > >Also Ars Inquisitor Daniel C. Caldwell showed not to be
> capable to address ANY of the issuis brought up by B.A.G. Meaning one
> must conclude Daniel C. Caldwell must really know he is defending a
> cococted fake in case of The Mahatma letters. In any case since
> B.A.G .has come forward and identified himself, I have placed two of
> his letters On-line:
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
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