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Re: "Concentrate on the Master as a Living Man inside you."

Nov 10, 2002 01:51 PM
by Steve Stubbs

--- In theos-talk@y..., "netemara888" <netemara888@y...> wrote:
> That makes sense. The same method, different name. And BTW this was 
> spoken of by Charan and other masters as being THE MOST difficult 
> spiritual practices

Why? I find that the part of my mind that creates the mental image 
tires quickly, for which reason I prefer to chant the Babaji mantra. 
But the only thing anyone should find difficult is to maintain the 
dogged determination to stay with the practice and never give up 
despite the lack of results in the very beginning.

Most people will be derailed by little tricks their minds will play 
on them for the purpose of dissuading them. Once you recognize these 
for what they really are, they are easily ignored and soon disappear.

> But it is still YOUR creation. It is still YOUR illusion.

I don't think so. This is one technique for achieving the Higher 
Self connection. Once the connection is established, the Higher Self 
dispenses wisdom that is far beyond my capacity, so it makes no sense 
to think that it is a mere illusion created by the mortal part of 
us. The mortal part of us also cannot see the future, change 
reality, etc.

> My question then: does this difficultly arise because once this has 
> been accomplished the disciple has become the master or is about to 
> embark on the ladder and ascend the sounds as HPB describes in "The 
> Voice of the Silence"?

What difficulty? You are ascending a "ladder" which comprises seven 
steps and leads from kama-manas to buddhi-manas.

> It is YOU, I AM. You are the object of your search.

But that does not mean buddhi-manas is illusion. As the Upanishad 
says, "lead me from the unreal to the Real." If you have established 
the contact for real (and the buddhi-manas will establish its bona 
fides by revealing the future, etc., which an illusion could not do) 
you have left illusion behind and are finally approaching reality.

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