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Re: "Concentrate on the Master as a Living Man inside you."

Nov 10, 2002 04:15 PM
by netemara888

Steve, one more thing: we were discussing a definite interface 
between RSSB and TS. That is why I am positing questions the way that 
I am. Not because I don't understand something, but because I am 
trying to place these things in a definite historical context. It is 
based on the scholarship of people like Dave Lane, Paul Johnson, and 
of course Daniel Caldwell. In a way it requires I think out loud to 
do this--so no need for the yoga101. I appreciate your interest, but 
look at the conversation in that light and then contribute. I have 
been saying that this connection exists and Daniel is providing me 
with the evidence from the Mahatma letters and the Blavatsky archives 
(which I much appreciate) to vindicate my views that were not popular 
with Dave's forum.

I am not asking out of ignorance of yoga but out of ignorance of some 
of the historical documents to prove that these connections exist--
and where most likely to find the information. Thanks.


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