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Re: Theos-World Voice In The Silence

Nov 09, 2002 04:14 AM
by Marina Sisson

Hi Jeremy,

That helps. Thanks.

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> > > Thank you Marina, yes I have also read similar
> >
> > Dear Jeremy,
> >
> > Do you remember the adress where you read the reference about Master
> > Hillarion's help on The Voice of the Silence?
> >
> > many thanks,
> >
> > Marina.
> Marina,
> You, as I, may be interested in the following compliation.
> Comments on "The Voice of the Silence"
> by Clara Codd
> Extract:
> C.W. Leadbeater told us that quite a number of these precepts were written
> by the great teacher Aryasanga. They were written in a sort of cryptic
> language, picture language, that you could read in many different tongues.
> wonder if some of them are written in what is called the Senzar, because
> H.P.B. Says she studied the Senzar when she was in Tibet, and the Senzar
> the sacred root of Sanskrit, and it was brought over from Venus by the
> Adepts, six and a half million years ago. I suppose it is a language
> anyone knows except in certain esoteric schools, but Sanskrit is a
> derivative from the Senzar, and I expect that is why it is called the
> Devanagari, God language, Deva language. It is the sacred language in the
> East, like Latin used to be in the West. She says at the end of the
> I have done my best to preserve the poetical beauty of the language and
> imagery which characterizes the original. C.W. Leadbeater told us that she
> was helped in doing this by the Master Hilarion, the one who wrote Light
> the Path. He helped H.P.B. and it is the most beautiful language. When you
> remember that H.P.B. didn't know English very well, yet she managed to put
> it in the most splendid words. The Master must have helped her; she could
> not have done it by herself.
> Regards
> Jeremy
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