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re to whoever . . .

Nov 06, 2002 04:32 AM
by Mauri

Yes, Brian, Paul, Brigitte, Dallas, Leon, etc., etc., it 
seems obvious enough to me that certain kinds of 
speculative, or "freer," approaches toward reality and 
and the defining of reality can/might lead many people 
into various complications, more or less directly or 
indirectly. I suppose we all (or most of us?) try to cope, 
clarify, improve, transcend, etc., in whatever ways that at 
least seem . . . (what?) realistic, gratifying, relevant, 
strategic, political, religious, or whatever . . . Of course if 
we were all "relevant enough" in mainstream terms . . . 

If life, in general, is seen in a certain kind of confined, 
sanghic/communic sense, wouldn't that kind of confined 
approach to life, (or to Theosophy?) tend to promote the 
importance of equally confined mainstream values, at the 
cost of freer thoughts, at times? One might wonder if 
there's a current out there (that might have some kind of 
Theosophic tinge to it, as well, say?) that might be 
somewhat constitutionally ("consciously/less 
consciously") against certain kinds of freer thoughts, 
possibly seeing those as leading to such as black magic, 
unfriendliness, alternativeness, lack of co-operation, 
party pooping, confusion, problems, nonsense, etc, etc 


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