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Re: Theos-World Voice In The Silence

Nov 07, 2002 06:39 AM
by Marina Sisson

Dear Jeremy,

The only reference I know about a Master dictating The Voice of the Silence
to HPB is given in "The Elder Brother", by Gregory Tillett, p. 302. It says:

"Light on the Path was written by Mabel Collins (...) in 1885, under
'inspiration'. Leadbeater, in his introduction to the TPH edition of the
book, said the Master Hilarion dictated the book to Mabel Collins, as well
as another work, The Idyll of the White Lotus (1884). She, however, denied
this, and said no Master had dictated the books; she objected to the TPH
editions because of Leadbeater's introductions and notes. (...) The Voice
of the Silence was written by HPB, also supposedly through the inspiration
of the Master Hilarion, after she had visited a Buddhist monastery in the
Himalayas where she obtained a knowledge of the material contained whithin


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> Could someone please tell me which Master dictated "Voice In The Silence"
> through HPB.
> Many thanks
> Jeremy
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