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Re: Theos-World Voice In The Silence

Nov 07, 2002 01:26 PM
by Jeremy Condick

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Voice In The Silence

> Dear Jeremy,
> The only reference I know about a Master dictating The Voice of the
> to HPB is given in "The Elder Brother", by Gregory Tillett, p. 302. It
> "Light on the Path was written by Mabel Collins (...) in 1885, under
> 'inspiration'. Leadbeater, in his introduction to the TPH edition of the
> book, said the Master Hilarion dictated the book to Mabel Collins, as well
> as another work, The Idyll of the White Lotus (1884). She, however, denied
> this, and said no Master had dictated the books; she objected to the TPH
> editions because of Leadbeater's introductions and notes. (...) The Voice
> of the Silence was written by HPB, also supposedly through the inspiration
> of the Master Hilarion, after she had visited a Buddhist monastery in the
> Himalayas where she obtained a knowledge of the material contained whithin
> it."
> Marina

Thankyou Marina, yes I have also read similar, many thanks.


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