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Re: Theos-World U Must Comply (rules the fools)

Apr 23, 2002 10:46 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ademm Indraka wrote:
> I find that forms of abstract information can relate the true idea
> that a writer introduces. Those that haven't the mind for abstract
> dialogue and or esoteric idealism probably will not get the concept
> that is being portrayed. 

In other words, you are saying those who have difficulty understanding
your obfuscations are stupid? Or are you trying to bypass the critical
facility, creating writings designed to appeal to our 4th root race
selves, similarly to, say, the hypnotic techniques of Dr. Milton

> In general the work that oraganon incorporates has been specifically designed 
> to strike cognitive activity in some form or another. 

I looked up the word "oraganon", but could not find a relevant
definition. Can you explain what that term means?

Bart Lidofsky

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