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Re: Theos-World U Must Comply (rules the fools)

Apr 21, 2002 06:15 AM
by Ademm Indra Ka

U Must Comply (rules the fools)
Are you joking because of the title of the latest post. I just got 
that Very Funny :)

>Are you reading any of the replies to your messages, or are you just
>spamming? If you do not respond to this, I will report you to Yahoo!
>Abuse for spamming.
>Ademm Indra Ka wrote:
>> Time ticks in an eternity of ways Goldfish turn tables of selfish
>> moralis One man on top of a mountain his own mountain One woman on
>> top of a mountain Ant that fresh Time trickles down to the streams
>> below The discovery of life rest in the things that life consist of
>> Once I believed I wanted to become a monk Now I know I am a fool
>> Things hold one back from being one Discovery of moralis is no
>> discovery One is faced with things ov virtue Virtue holds a grasp on
>> things of reason Reason to be in a world Which world does one want to
>> be in This one At least if thats the one they say Right Implement
>> ones self in the void The void is not something to escape Its a state
>> of being Its a state of creation One belives that existence is the
>> only higher power You can not escape existence It escapes you Devout
>> of all thing unnecessary What is unnecessary nothing and nothing is
>> where you will stand The known aspects of thing known Unknown only to
>> its self Please insert you answer On paragraph 4 section 2 line 3
>> word whatever Litigate a divided reason to understand something in a
>> one sided point of view One sided is not one One is all thing and
>> nothing Sided ness is something around nothing Declassification of a
>> quasi classified classifications Ok you got me Step 2 Linear art
>> Circumstances only allows circumstantial edification Die und vie Ok
>> time stands still wave patterns are not waves they are points Cause
>> and effect Does a quasi stellar wave define the destruction or the
>> creation of something Seclusion of an Interment Machine
> > --

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