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U Must Comply (rules the fools)

Apr 20, 2002 09:32 PM
by Ademm Indra Ka

Time ticks in an eternity of ways Goldfish turn tables of selfish 
moralis One man on top of a mountain his own mountain One woman on 
top of a mountain Ant that fresh Time trickles down to the streams 
below The discovery of life rest in the things that life consist of 
Once I believed I wanted to become a monk Now I know I am a fool 
Things hold one back from being one Discovery of moralis is no 
discovery One is faced with things ov virtue Virtue holds a grasp on 
things of reason Reason to be in a world Which world does one want to 
be in This one At least if thats the one they say Right Implement 
ones self in the void The void is not something to escape Its a state 
of being Its a state of creation One belives that existence is the 
only higher power You can not escape existence It escapes you Devout 
of all thing unnecessary What is unnecessary nothing and nothing is 
where you will stand The known aspects of thing known Unknown only to 
its self Please insert you answer On paragraph 4 section 2 line 3 
word whatever Litigate a divided reason to understand something in a 
one sided point of view One sided is not one One is all thing and 
nothing Sided ness is something around nothing Declassification of a 
quasi classified classifications Ok you got me Step 2 Linear art 
Circumstances only allows circumstantial edification Die und vie Ok 
time stands still wave patterns are not waves they are points Cause 
and effect Does a quasi stellar wave define the destruction or the 
creation of something Seclusion of an Interment Machine
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