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Re: Theos-World "plagiarisms" . . . ?

Apr 07, 2002 04:24 PM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Dallas and all of you,

Allright Dallas.
But I don't think you answer my questions and statements. You didn't adresse the issues I made in my previous email quite clearly. To me you just sortof sidestepped instead, and made some comments on the eternal truths etc.

'Biblical' study in the manner as I mentioned it in my previous email - I hope we agree on this are not Theosophy - in the term ancient wisdom teaching of all ages.

But, what are the teachers in a number of theosophical organizations and groups of today doing about it ?
My view is: 
They keep continue their silly act of putting the books of Theosophy forward as a kind of 'bible-collection' - and avoid adressing the crucial issues of dead-letter reading and the importance of the "7 keys" - where one of the is about the to Blavatsky very important allegories.
Such a behavoir I consider to be against the idea of Theosophy as Blavatskywas putting it forward.

Should a teacher of Theosophy not seek to avoid this ?

Suflight with anti-dogamtic views...

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> April 7, 2002
> Dear Sufilight:
> If one desires to know what THEOSOPHY says on a subject, then the
> list of the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS is relatively short (except for
> the many articles that H P B and W Q Judge published in the
> magazines they edited.
> If you wish to study mathematics the basics are few, and the
> derivations: algebra, calculus, geometry, plane, spherical and
> volumetric, and trigonometry are very numerous.
> So to with THEOSOPHY many have developed their opinions on the
> Basics.
> But the BASICS do not change.
> Those are the 3 FUNDAMENTALS::
> 1. God, or DEITY is everywhere -- no exceptions. It has no age,
> and is also called poetically: "The ANCIENT of the ancients."
> It has no definable "beginning." and has no discernable
> "ending.," or final death and erasure. it ALWAYS IS. Evolution
> and progress are always a statement of the condition of
> development and inter-play of intelligent forms that are mid-way
> through the process of self-development. They are individually
> the ETERNAL and IMMORTAL pilgrims -- the "Sons of Necessity."
> 2. LAW and laws are the universal harmonics developed by an
> the various kinds of beings that compose its existence.
> 3. UNIVERSAL EDUCATION (Evolution) is the omnipresent process by
> which OMNISCIENCE is developed in Each Part of the WHOLE.
> Mankind is a self-conscious part of this Universal WHOLE. that
> aspect that is not-self-conscious, will, in the process of time,
> through experience, mature into self-consciousness, and then by
> further independent and individual struggle will mature into
> or mystically described, as the "return" of the fragments of the
> SELF to the ONE ORIGINAL SOURCE. (But, in reality they never
> leave it. It is EVERYWHERE all the time.)
> The progress of Man (as an independent MIND) is towards UNIVERSAL
> SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. That is WISDOM concerning everything.
> Man, every one, and epitomizes the whole Universe, in spite of
> the mortality of his present fleshly abode, which will die and
> disperse, while his immortal SPIRITUAL SELF proceeds on it
> majestic way towards eventual and total SPIRITUALIZATION. MAN
> and NATURE ( God or the UNIVERSE) re-become one. All
> differences are abolished.
> THEOSOPHY is not a series of beliefs, or a statement of dogmas
> and faiths.
> It (Theosophy),is an historical account of the reincarnation of
> our Universe and of our World.
> Also it gives a precise description of the process whereby the
> omnipresent SPIRIT (a portion of which is in man and every other
> being (from atom to Galaxy), develops an INDIVIDUAL as well as a
> personal knowledge and understanding of the laws and rules that
> the UNIVERSE ( or NATURE) employs to support and keep the whole
> diversity of harmonious interacting agents alive and functioning.
> See if this helps to make clear --at least it is clear to me, as
> I understand the message of the Wise Ones.
> Best wishes,
> Dallas
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> From: Morten Sufilight
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> Subject: Re: "Fundamentals"
> Hi all of you,
> Just a view:
> I think that the below are important lines of thoughts.
> I would like to add, that I think, that Theosophical groups or
> organizations should put much more emphasis on the issue -
> dead-letter reading (especially when we talk about - debates like
> this - with emails etc.) The same goes for the very important and
> (according to little me) overlooked "7 keys" mentioned more than
> one time by Blavatsky.
> If done, it could help - putting down the tendencies of biblical
> behavoir , - in and at certain Theosophical groups and
> organizations and their manner of presenting themselves.
> It often seems to be so, that a number of theosophists think,
> that the books written by Blavatsky should be treated like a sort
> of 'Bible-collection' - i.e. giving the answer to - every and
> each - spiritual question.
> If not so - then it is the top 20 or top 50 ..etc. most
> interesting theosophically written books (written by the proper
> theosophists) which - apparently - is being given that view.
> Well it just seems so to me.
> And I have to say I disagree, with such an attitude. And I
> disagree a lot.
> If just one - theosophist would try read the books on The
> Learning Organization - which is containing a new (and
> interesting) trend in international business, - then I think,
> that they will agree om, that Blavatskys' teaching and theosophy
> as such are missing important teachings - on leadership and
> organizational work - AND information and teaching on that issue.
> (Try for instance the book by Mike Pedler: "The Learning
> Organization").
> Let us try to avoid dead-letter reading - AND teach people to
> avoid it.
> The children of today are the leaders of tommorrow.
> from
> Sufilight
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