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RE: Theos-World "plagiarisms" . . . ?

Apr 07, 2002 02:19 PM
by dalval14

April 7, 2002

Dear Sufilight:

If one desires to know what THEOSOPHY says on a subject, then the
list of the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS is relatively short (except for
the many articles that H P B and W Q Judge published in the
magazines they edited.

If you wish to study mathematics the basics are few, and the
derivations: algebra, calculus, geometry, plane, spherical and
volumetric, and trigonometry are very numerous.

So to with THEOSOPHY many have developed their opinions on the

But the BASICS do not change.

Those are the 3 FUNDAMENTALS::

1.	God, or DEITY is everywhere -- no exceptions. It has no age,
and is also called poetically: "The ANCIENT of the ancients."
It has no definable "beginning." and has no discernable
"ending.," or final death and erasure. it ALWAYS IS. Evolution
and progress are always a statement of the condition of
development and inter-play of intelligent forms that are mid-way
through the process of self-development. They are individually
the ETERNAL and IMMORTAL pilgrims -- the "Sons of Necessity."

2.	LAW and laws are the universal harmonics developed by an
the various kinds of beings that compose its existence.

3.	UNIVERSAL EDUCATION (Evolution) is the omnipresent process by
which OMNISCIENCE is developed in Each Part of the WHOLE.
Mankind is a self-conscious part of this Universal WHOLE. that
aspect that is not-self-conscious, will, in the process of time,
through experience, mature into self-consciousness, and then by
further independent and individual struggle will mature into
or mystically described, as the "return" of the fragments of the
SELF to the ONE ORIGINAL SOURCE. (But, in reality they never
leave it. It is EVERYWHERE all the time.)

The progress of Man (as an independent MIND) is towards UNIVERSAL
SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. That is WISDOM concerning everything.

Man, every one, and epitomizes the whole Universe, in spite of
the mortality of his present fleshly abode, which will die and
disperse, while his immortal SPIRITUAL SELF proceeds on it
majestic way towards eventual and total SPIRITUALIZATION. MAN
and NATURE ( God or the UNIVERSE) re-become one. All
differences are abolished.

THEOSOPHY is not a series of beliefs, or a statement of dogmas
and faiths.

It (Theosophy),is an historical account of the reincarnation of
our Universe and of our World.

Also it gives a precise description of the process whereby the
omnipresent SPIRIT (a portion of which is in man and every other
being (from atom to Galaxy), develops an INDIVIDUAL as well as a
personal knowledge and understanding of the laws and rules that
the UNIVERSE ( or NATURE) employs to support and keep the whole
diversity of harmonious interacting agents alive and functioning.

See if this helps to make clear --at least it is clear to me, as
I understand the message of the Wise Ones.

Best wishes,


-----Original Message-----
From: Morten Sufilight
Sent: Sunday, April 07, 2002 10:34 AM
Subject: Re: "Fundamentals"
Hi all of you,

Just a view:

I think that the below are important lines of thoughts.

I would like to add, that I think, that Theosophical groups or
organizations should put much more emphasis on the issue -
dead-letter reading (especially when we talk about - debates like
this - with emails etc.) The same goes for the very important and
(according to little me) overlooked "7 keys" mentioned more than
one time by Blavatsky.

If done, it could help - putting down the tendencies of biblical
behavoir , - in and at certain Theosophical groups and
organizations and their manner of presenting themselves.

It often seems to be so, that a number of theosophists think,
that the books written by Blavatsky should be treated like a sort
of 'Bible-collection' - i.e. giving the answer to - every and
each - spiritual question.
If not so - then it is the top 20 or top 50 ..etc. most
interesting theosophically written books (written by the proper
theosophists) which - apparently - is being given that view.
Well it just seems so to me.

And I have to say I disagree, with such an attitude. And I
disagree a lot.

If just one - theosophist would try read the books on The
Learning Organization - which is containing a new (and
interesting) trend in international business, - then I think,
that they will agree om, that Blavatskys' teaching and theosophy
as such are missing important teachings - on leadership and
organizational work - AND information and teaching on that issue.
(Try for instance the book by Mike Pedler: "The Learning

Let us try to avoid dead-letter reading - AND teach people to
avoid it.

The children of today are the leaders of tommorrow.




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