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transcending toward "more-immediate reality" . . . ?

Apr 07, 2002 02:42 PM
by Mauri

Trying to find words to express something about 
"more-immediate reality":

I wonder if what is known as "Theosophy" and "Theosophical 
writings" and "Theosophical studies" might be somewhat "more 
realistically" seen, from various "individual levels," as 
representative of "awareness as modified by karma and duality" . . 
. Could our "state of comparative/dualistic awareness" itself 
become so "convincing/involving" that, instead of "realizing" that 
there are "underlying" (or "esoteric") aspects to our notions about 
"reality," (aspects that make our dualistic reality possible), we 
tend to accept our dualistic/karmic ("mayavic") apparent reality for 
"reality itself," generally speaking? 

What if we were to cultivate some kind of "meaningful awareness" 
that there's a Basic difference between dualistic reality and that 
other reality out of which our dualistic reality has come into its 
apparent/mayavic existence . . . Not that many of are not doing just 
that by "meditating." 

If duality is (in dualistic terms?) "layered" on "something else," then 
surely if we were to pay some kind of "meaningful attention" to that 
more-fundamental, so-called "esoteric" reality, (that's 
obviously-enough, in some way, "behind" our apparent reality?), 
then surely the cultivation of a certain kind of "meditative attention" 
and "calm abiding" (as per the literature on meditation) might tend 
to bring on elements of "greater" reality or "more realism," in a 
sense, to "our lives" . . . ?

That is, if our various worldly problems are seen from a 
perspective of their being primarily and essentially similar to the 
dualistic/reactive motions of a ball in a pin-ball machine, and if 
those motions are seen as thereby "demanding," in effect, some kind 
of "greater overview," by way of dualistic/karmic law, then surely 
something "more meaningful" might come out of that kind of 
"meditative overviewing" and karmic mindfulness?


PS I don't know if I should be posting to three lists simultaneously
. . . Maybe not, for some reason? Thought these last couple of posts
from me might be "general enough" to somewhat reasonably apply in three
directions, maybe . . . . But then, of course I'm just speculating about
all that, as usual.

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