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Re: Theos-World "plagiarisms" . . . ?

Apr 07, 2002 04:45 PM
by ramadoss

Your observation is correct. Unless one goes beyond the dead letter reading and putting some of the ideas/principles in everyday practice, it is no better than what all other religious followers do.

When one is engrossed in traditional theosophical activities organized around organizations, it is extremely difficult to get out and independently explore what is behind all the writings. May be for many it is very easy to blindly believe and follow.


At 01:23 AM 4/8/02 +0200, Morten Sufilight wrote:
My view is:
They keep continue their silly act of putting the books of Theosophy forward as a kind of 'bible-collection' - and avoid adressing the crucial issues of dead-letter reading and the importance of the "7 keys" - where one of the is about the to Blavatsky very important allegories.
Such a behavoir I consider to be against the idea of Theosophy as Blavatsky was putting it forward.

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