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Re: Theos-World Bailey and Denmark

Feb 10, 2002 12:08 PM
by Dennis Kier

Well, check out the books yourself. They are all on-line, and they are
all on a CD-Rom. I have one of them.

The last I heard, the URL is


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Hi Paul and all of you,

The truth is.

Well Paul, I had hoped for a more enlightening answer. But all right
Paul, no problems.
Maybe I can help the list a little. The problem in Denmark was partly,
that the Bailey groups dropped out/ or was thrown out - because they
viewed the teachings of Alice A. Bailey to be the natural further
enhancement of the teachings of Blavatsky. So it is today. You know
Blavatsky - some where in the Secret Doctrine predicted , that someone
would write some books in the 20th century to enhance and so to speak
expand her writings. The Bailey groups think that that 'someone' was
and is Alice A. Bailey.

Anyway who wrote those books which Blavatsky made a prediction about
?? Paul, Daniel, Brigitte, Dallas, Chuck, Jerry and all of you...??

To the list - a view on the books:
My view is, that Alice A. Bailey was a theosophist - a follower of the
teachings of all ages. The level of hers can be discussed. But, to
fanatically follow her writings - with a "dead-letter attitude", will
according to me not be a very promising idea. But to learn is always
giving - no doubt.
And right NOW with the present situation on the Planet - with the
information society, Internet, Sattelit-TV etc. - and the Middle
Eastern countries being under pressure - culturally by the western
lifestyles - "á la Hollywood" and other central issues -- the books of
Alice A. Bailey importantly show to lack international perspective.
This is, according to me.
The reason as I see it, is that the books of Alice A. Bailey's
writings (which some followers treat sort of as a "Bible"), is NOT
exactly concerned with showing the Middle East any esoteric respect.
Christianity seems to be the high topic in those books (well with a
"dead-letter" in mind, -- see for instance HPB on "the 7 keys" for an
explanation on "dead-letter views").
The view is: So the idea to use the Bailey books - alone as a PRIMARY
theosophicl drive, which all other books has to sort of neal in front
of - will not be helping the Planet a great deal - in its present hour
of international activity - especially when we talk about the Middle
East. Others obviously think different.
The books of Alice A. Bailey was probably wrítten for a certain group
of beginners and students -- i.e. that group which WAS and IS ready
for them.
The same could be said of other Theosophical branches - with their
favorite writers, - (maybe?) also even H. P. Blavatsky.

Paul: Do you have anything on the version of Theosophy from the Middle
East (by Ibn Talib ?), which you mention in one of your books.

What about the writer Idries Shah

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