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RE: Theos-World THE SEVEN DAUGHTERS OF EVE -- GIANTS and their Remains

Nov 19, 2001 10:46 AM
by dalval14

Monday, November 19, 2001

Re Giants and their remains

Dear Nos AND Friends:

Sorry I don't have the photograph from the 1895 STRAND. I am
sure it is at the BRITISH MUSEUM.


Here are some notes extracted from old issues of THEOSOPHY
Magazine ( 1920-1935 ) on the subject of fossilized GIANTS
discovered in one of the branches of the GRAND CANYON in Arizona:

Re GIANTS seen as fossils in HAVASUPAI CANYON a
Branch of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Some details are given concerning this discovery by Dr. Hubbard
of the University of California, San Francisco, and the U.S.
Dept. of Geology, Washington D.C. in old issues of Theosophy
MAGAZINE, Los Angeles. [ 1920s and 1930s ]

A Dr. Osborne was also connected with these investigations

My father had several photographs of these remains as were to be
seen in those early days. Mt sister and I used to look at them
as children.

The man-figure was about 28 feet long,
a female figure was about 24 feet and the child figure as about
12 feet, as I recollect. The interesting part was that these
fossils were to be seen partially entombed in the stone walls of
the canyon. A land fall later obliterated the site and it would
have been too expensive to dig that out. I saw these when I as a
lad. I do not know what ultimately became of them.

These references will be at:

THEOSOPHY Vol. 11, 191, 386, 526;
Vol. 12, 377,
Vol. 13, 281, 360. 402-3, 567,
Vol. 14 380,
Vol. 16, 236,
Vol. 17, 235-7, 277-8,
Vol. 25, 138-9
Vol.. 34, 357, 439,
Vol. 35, 184

In addition to this

THEOSOPHY Vol. 17, 277-8 -- in Mexico giant skeletons

The SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. II 293 (Giant skeletons to be
THEOSOPHY Vol. 37, p. 88 ( Atlantean Giants )
LUCIFER Vol. 10, p. 358 ( Giant skeleton discovered UNDER
stalagmites at Rocher Rouge,
Mentone, France 80 - 100,000 years old estimate
in 1892)
GIANT skeletons excavated at OHIO MOUNDS
LUCIFER Vol. 7, p. 436, Vol. 13, p. 91

In The SECRET DOCTRINE H.P.Blavatsky speaks of giant skeletons or
buildings on pages:

The SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. 1, pp. 114, 208-9, 322, 415,
The SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. 2, pp. 70, 154, 276-9, 289, 293, 341,
346fn, 409, 749, 752-6, 755 (footprints of), 774-5,

Lemurian remains: S D I 208-9, 322, 430,
S D II 224, 294, 317, 337, 341, 344-5,
745, 769,

In ISIS UNVEILED , H.P.Blavatsky gives a number of references,
principal ones are I U Vol. I, pp 122-5, 303-4, 332, 329, 350,
567 591, 596-7, I U II 438, 494.

H.P.Blavatsky in A LAND OF MYSTERY [THEOSOPHIST, June & August
1880; reprinted in U.L.T. H P B Articles III p 410 et seq...]
On Peruvian monuments.

Under Cyclops, Lemurians and Atlanteans a whole history of the
Giant races that preceded ours (when we were in those giant
bodies) is
given and can be pieced together. This has been partly done in
Theosophy Magazine THY. Mag. Vol. 42, p. 76; Vol. 29, p. 62;
Vol. 13, p. 121, Vol. 37, p. 88.

This is probably more than you want, but it ought to be
interesting to review the evidence put forward.

I hope this is of use, at least as a record of Theosophical



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From: nos
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2001 3:15 PM

Does anyone have a picture from the 1895 Strand magazine that has
picture of the 12 foot Giant found - this of course proves our
first evolution.


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