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RE: [bn-basic] Re: The Buddhist statues

Nov 18, 2001 12:59 PM
by dalval14

Sunday, November 18, 2001

Dear Mark Griggs:

A study of the original literature of Theosophy will how that it based on 3

1. The universality of SPIRIT -- Space -- All beings of whatever
level originate in this ONE COMMON SOURCE. This is the basis for Universal
Brotherhood. This is made manifest by the universal concepts of individual
and personal relationships, and the concept of Man and nature forming one
Whole -- one FAMILY. The spirit in Man -- the REALITY at his core never

2. That Law and Laws pervade all Space and every being in it. This
provides the concept of uniform, impersonal and universal justice, honesty,
sincerity, in therefore includes charity, generosity, and all the virtues
that make for communal living of those who are intrinsically BROTHERS. We
depend on Nature for our personal physical bodies and the Intelligence
manifest in all its many parts. We depend on air, water, earth and fire
(warmth) for the support of our bodies. The most important question we
ought to ask ourselves is: How do we reciprocate? How do we help this vast

3. Universal EVOLUTION of Intelligence and Consciousness is the
fundamental that gives purpose to the diversity of experience which makes
heterogeneity into homogeneity over a long succession of incarnations This
takes a very long time and during the successive lives we take up bodies on
our Earth we face experiences in every and all kinds of situations.

Seeing and grasping these ideas you will understand that many of us are
convinced that the mere death of the physical body we called H P B or the
Masters does not terminate their existence. It continues. This is based on
the vast cooperative and interactive process of evolution which does not
limit itself to the merely physical but includes all planes and degrees of
embodiment, of which the merely physical is only the grossest.

If you desire to discuss theosophy and its philosophy and applications you
have first to study it. I would recommend you start with the KEY TO

Best wishes,



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One of the most horrific things that the Taliban have done was to blow up
the statues. Wouldn't it be great if they are rebuilt (not tomorrow but
within a reasonable period of time). That will be immensely satisfying to
HPB and the Masters as well


You talk as if the Masters and H.P.V. are still around?

Do you "know" something we don't?

M. G. ---
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