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Re: Theos-World New to List

May 10, 2001 06:38 AM
by ramadoss

At 08:07 PM 5/9/01 +0200, alwilli wrote:
As I thought that, noting that some interlocutors showed evidence of
years of familiarity with theosophical thought, I thought also:
"Naive, perhaps presumptious, am I to think that 100 or more years
after the event I should find anywhere, least of all on the Internet,
a united, concentrated, enlivened and enthusiastic movement alive to
all possibilities; determined to achieve all in the name of This
Glad for your feedback.

Considering the condition of formal setup among theosophists, I think Internet is godsend and may be it is going to revive interest in the philosophy. Over last 70 or more years the general interest has been waning hopefully we will see more of active discussions on this and other forums.


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