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Re: Consciousness Manifesto

May 09, 2001 09:25 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Dear David,

I am so very pleased you have sent this to me. Congratulations! What a
nice piece of work. I'll send it to the theosophy groups and to the
Esoteric Science group and other people I know that might be interested.
What a boost.

I love D.K.'s definitions of science and wisdom:

1. Science is the knowledge of matter.

2. Wisdom is the knowledge of Self.

And it does seem that the very first step in the re-discovery of the unity
of the two("The two merge in one.") is that science IS within consciousness;
our objective picture of the world is within our consciousness(the ground of
our subjectivity). Onward through Raja yoga into Agni yoga. Buddhi-Manas!
Atma-Buddhi-Manas even!

People are starting to get used to the idea that we are living within our
world views and are now working hard to find our common world view together.
It is so cool to examine all assumptions and begin at the real beginning of
thought and re-create the world freshly. (So the world is made of space and
atoms(space and monads!!) but then . . .whence the space and the atoms, huh?
huh? huh?)

Here in California, deep within the tragicly materialistic field of
pathology, there is an influx of new life: many human beings now in women's
bodies, many human beings raised in eastern countries and cultures. I have
my little hopes up that even the field of pathology can be transformed and
such great intellectual power can rise smoothly through the paradigm shift
and take it's rightful place in restoring the ancient medical philosophies
back into their place since harshly removed by German pathologists in the
eighteenth century. Ironically it is the great German philosophy that has
preserved the flame of truth and will support the renaissance of the the
great healing arts as they find union with basic and also esoteric science.
Still, the foundation stone is the interview of the patient! Now the
interview will be regional, from chakra to chakra!

I will try not to babble on(pun intended)


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> Dear Eugene
> I thought you would be interested in seeing the Manifesto for an Integral
> Science of Consciousness devised by the Science and Esoteric Knowledge
> of the Scientific and Medical Network. We are soliciting support for it
> invite signatures on our web site. You may see fit to circulate it to the
> list
> Best wishes
> David
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