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New to List

May 09, 2001 12:04 PM
by alwilli

Hi folks.

Im new to this list. Normal netiquette is to "lurk" until one
perceives the gist of the conversation and enters smoothly at an
appropriate point.

However the subject/matter under discussion is of such a nature that
a newcomer like myself joins fairly jumping out of his skin with
enthusiasm to meet people he can discuss these things with.

When one reads a book like Isis Unveiled for the first time, albeit
more than a Century after its first imprint; and still its arguments,
demonstrations and hints hit one like a ton of bricks; and one turns
this way and that seeking someone to discuss ones wake-up experience
with; but the responses are indulgent at best, Hey get a Life at
worst, it is natural to seek out those similarly fired by such a
powerful redirection and inspiration of thought.

Ive been on the list about 2 (by the time you get this 3 or 4 days) and
received about 15 emails, read them and thought: "OK, this is what I
expected on the Net. A couple of staunch posters whose debate has
entered the realm of 'private conversation' yet available to all. What
should I have expected? A concerted debate towards a fuller
understanding of extant Theosophical Works?"

As I thought that, noting that some interlocutors showed evidence of
years of familiarity with theosophical thought, I thought also:
"Naive, perhaps presumptious, am I to think that 100 or more years
after the event I should find anywhere, least of all on the Internet,
a united, concentrated, enlivened and enthusiastic movement alive to
all possibilities; determined to achieve all in the name of This

I am suitably chastened.

My expectations were mine alone and I should not have extended them
further than that.

However I still find great value in the discussion. Firstly, that
there is one and, considering the subject matter, quite healthily
subscribed to. Secondly that as a newcomer I am given a, so to say,
clearer picture of the state of affairs amongst the online Theosophical
community; one which suggests that a measure of ennui, or lassitude of
enthusiasm; indeed as a newcomer I distinctly sense a weariness; a
condition of proponents "all argued out" and now bent on
salvaging what remains of all the enthusiasm and enlivenment they
entered with into this arena.

Forgive me if I convey my impressions off the top, and perhaps offend
someone in any way. This is not my intention. I hope only for an
honest response to put me right (or wrong) on way or another.
Best regards,

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