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RE: New to List

May 10, 2001 05:17 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Dear Alan:

As you see we are an informal group here, and we exchange notes,
comments, questions, etc., without too much formality. Our
basis is one that is unusual: We look on ourselves as "old
souls" in new bodies. The physiological age and learning of this
incarnation is no index to the capacity of innate intelligence we
all possess to some degree. So in effect we act as old friends
that correspond in an easy and non-formal way. We are all
"seekers for Truth." The search for, and then the service of
Truth is about the widest and broadest of aspirations we all have
in common. It is universal and it is impersonal.

Your observation about the open postings you have read is a clue
to the fact that in Theosophy there are no "secrets." The
information concerning the processes of Nature are uniformly
available to anyone who seeks to discover them. If they are
displayed publicly, as you observe, it with the sole purpose of
asking, thereby, our friends and readers to evaluate them, and
if they have suggestions to offer them and so benefit us all.

In the search for Truth and Wisdom there is no special; attention
paid to the discoverer or the writer -- all is offered as a
service to each other -- to find out if one's reasoning or
discovery is "in line" with the propositions and fundamentals
that Theosophy has presented to us all to evaluate. These
fundamentals are said to be inherent in nature. They are
universal in application. They can be discovered by developing
an acuity of perception that permits us to notice, record and
evaluate them.

We do not believe in the theory that the evolution of our bodily
heredity -- a "form" (lost in the night of time) has any
important bearing on our present intelligence. We would say the
Mind in each of us is sui generis -- it has developed and made
itself what it now is by its own choices and efforts (we need
only look interiorly at our own mind to begin to discover its
nature and potentials). If we look back, mentally, using our
memories, over all we have gathered and stored from our early
education and experience, we see we have chosen to learn, or to
exclude from our interest, certain portions of what was offered
to us in a general way.

The records inherent in Nature (the Universe, our Earth) are
enormous, and it may take a number of "life-times" to acquire the
ability to access and use them. But Nature has her own processes
and permits only those whom she deems "fit" to have access to
those records -- the reason being that a selfish, unprincipled
individual could do enormous harm to others. So the process of
self-improvement has included in it certain tests (The Great Law
of KARMA imposes these.) which keep closed certain aspects of
information, if we are not fit to administer that knowledge with
impartiality, impersonality, universality and even justice.
Wisdom has to include mercy and charity as fundamental keys to
its availability. The study of universal metaphysics gives us
the impartial basis, from which we can evaluate ourselves and our

This ability to choose freely is one of the proofs of the "Inner
Self." It is a gift inherent in the process of evolution. All
being pass through the portals of what is called the "human
kingdom." There, they are faced with the prototypes and ideals
that form the basis for identical choices and data, such as we
are now considering.

As you have read through ISIS UNVEILED you noticed that
additional proofs and information was given to reinforce this
approach. It shed that the whole history of our world is
involved in this continuous process -- as is the rest of the
Universe however near or remote.

If you would like to review and use the basic information
concerning the interior makeup of a human being -- as Theosophy
presents it, then read / study Mme. Blavatsky's THE KEY TO
THEOSOPHY. [ It is also available "on line" through ]

Ask what questions you will, there will always be someone ready
to assist or to point to some basic concept whereby you can
develop your own views.

In Theosophy, unlike any other system I know of, the emphasis is
on self-effort. The sharing of information is always a
responsibility when asked for. There ought to be no "leaders" in
Theosophy -- only a general pattern of student-teachers. It is a
pattern that constantly changes, as one develops any increment in
one's own ability to understand and practice the rules and laws
that Theosophy shows already exist in Nature impartially, for all
to discover and then apply, if they wish to do so. The
decision-making process is always commenced and determined by
each individual for themselves. Responsibility is thus always
the chooser's. Even the choice to "do nothing" is a "choice."

For purpose of simplicity let us try to epitomize the
fundamentals which the early pages of Vol. I of the Secret
Doctrine speak of (S.D. I pp. 14-19)

1.	There is a Universal Spiritual SOURCE from which all beings
emanate -- hence we live in a system where Universal Brotherhood
ought to be the normal way of dealing with life and our
coexistence. Cooperation and altruism ought to be the norm and
not selfishness, doubt and suspicion. We are all "Immortal
Pilgrims" and therefore we ought to share in what we learn.

2.	No INTELLIGENCE ever "dies" or is "destroyed." It has its
roots in the imperishable and universal ONE SPIRITUAL base -- or
SOURCE. From the Atom to mankind, from the individual human to
the utmost limits of SPACE, including every being in the
Universe, there thrills one LIFE. The differences of individual
knowledge do not detract from the brotherly relation but
reinforce it with the concept of the undiminished and ever
present opportunity to learn more and to improve on our present

3.	Nature (the Universe, our Earth, etc...) contains all the
laws, processes and development that supports our living. We are
never totally "alone." The One basic Law (called KARMA -- or
action and reaction) pervades the whole of manifestation.
Nature supports all beings and sees to the justice and merciful
application of our choices in relation to others, and their
choices in relation to us. It is most intricate, but this one
living force specifically acts to harmonize disharmonies in all
relationships. It works, usually, invisibly and behind the
scenes, but is always present. It has no "favorites;" and cannot
be "cajoled" into overlooking any of our shortcomings or selfish
acts, thoughts or feelings.

4,	Asociated with the operations of this Law Universal is the
concept of CYCLES: like activity and rest, sleeping and waking,
manifestation and the great sleep that rests all being between
periods of "Evolution." Cycles can be seen operating when a
number of beings are involved -- as civilizations rise and fall,
as peoples move from continent to continent, as learning is
followed by ignorance, as altruism may live hand in hand with
selfishness -- and so on.

5.	The last concept is implicit in that already said: The
SPIRITUAL UNIT of LIFE (sometimes referred to as a "Monad") is
constantly evolving, learning more about itself and nature and
the result is that over the aeons of the past, this fund of
knowledge and wisdom is individualized, and then, mirrored as
character, ability, genius, lack of capacity, voluntary ignorance
because of disinterest, etc., in the brain-mind faculty we as
human all possess.

One may broadly divide the "Eternal Pilgrims" which we all are
into three classes:

1. Yet to be men (or not yet conscious of the spiritual self

2. Mankind including all its many units, and as a whole (or
those Units which have become "conscious of themselves"); and,

3. Those who have passed through the stage of
self-consciousness called Human, and have reached to a wider and
deeper knowledge of the Laws of Nature as the work constantly
being done on the invisible as well as the visible planes of
life and development. These last have a continuing duty and
responsibility: the assisting of mankind to attain the kind of
wisdom which has become theirs by self-effort.

We may also say that three lines of evolution meet and intermix
in mankind: (each one is dual)

1. The Spiritual including accretions of Wisdom, Historical
facts, Observation and intuition (as a universal and impartial
faculty that delves into the potential effects of choosing).

2. The Intellectual, including all the faculties of the mind,
including thought, logic, memory, forgetfulness, anticipation,
planning, etc. With this as a separate (principle) is the field
of desire, passion, liking and disliking, emotion, needs and
wants. These may influence the "mind." And are often most
closely associated with it while we are awake and active. They
are important but are subservient to the Mind and not its Ruler
(though in many persons they seem to dominate his life and

3. The Physical with which is associated an invisible
sub-stratum of electro-magnetic fields and patterns, on which the
physical atoms, molecules and cells arrange themselves according
to their own level of intelligence. This pattern-body is called
in Theosophy the "astral body." With it is asociated vitality.
( see S.D. I 181 )

In short we might say the object of evolution is to develop in
mankind those individuals where a complete knowledge of the
inter-action of choosing leads to altruism, charity, wisdom,
service -- to all those who having the same potentials, are yet
on various stages (or rungs) of the ladder of universal progress.
It is taught that every being without exception will, at some
time, pass through the Human Kingdom and be faced with the kind
of choices we now are. Those we look on as Prophets, Sages, the
Wise, Buddhas, Christs, etc., are those in whom this process of
self-education (from within without -- bringing the spiritual
potential into outward flowering) has matured.

Theosophy therefore looks at the process of evolution we are
involved in as :

1.	The involution of spiritual potentiality into every form that
lives, and

2.	The contemporary development out of Nature (and the Monadic
Essence) of individual Monads ( Minds and voluntary, Virtuous
living) -- and these form mankind -- each being at the
appropriate place for its personal development. And,

3.	A sense of purpose that lures the aspiring mind on to a
perfection of the WISDOM that is his for the asking and proving
for himself. Since this is universally available, the idea of
universal brotherhood is offered as the single most inclusive
step towards learning about the ethico-moral and motivational
aspect of progress. As said above, we progress on our own
will-power. We shape and determine it. Our progress is through
many lives (incarnations) and is supervised (if you will allow
this to the impersonal and universal Law of Living inherent in
nature) by the impersonal, just and merciful Law of Karma.

These are only a few of the basic ideas you will find amplified
proceeding will be yours -- as it has been always among us all
since the most antique past. There is no "ranking" in these
matters; and since the WISDOM OF THE UNIVERSE is being looked
into by us all, the progress of each individual is never totally
apparent to his peers.

One has to realize that wisdom and knowledge are always inherent
in nature. All investigators, regardless of the department they
are investigating, are only revealing an aspect of law and
function which is already active and working in NATURE. WISDOM
cannot be sold or bartered. It cannot be patented, nor is one
process and operation deemed to be superior, the only "one," or
unique. [ Since we emanate from the SPIRITUAL SOURCES -- all of
us -- no one can be more "advanced" than another. More
experienced, perhaps, but in terms of potential, which is
uniform, that is not true. ]

We have eternity before us (in other bodies no doubt) to learn in
and while we ought not to "waste time," the necessity for
detecting the correct direction for self-growth is a part of the
learning lesson Life requires us to undergo. For this reason the
ethics of Theosophy ought to be studied and correlated with the
secrets of Nature's ways. Let not the concept of time or ability
daunt you, the process of learning from Theosophy may be in this
life a recommencement of efforts already made in the past.

Theosophical study has the virtue of displaying the integrated
universe (visible and invisible) before us. It also provides the
supplementary links that open to our view the metaphysics
inherent in the roots of every religion or creed. It examines
them so as to reconstruct these and compare them with similar
concepts that all other ancient creeds have. They have all
emanated, no matter how ancient, from the fundamental root:
wisdom -- is only a report on facts and events in the enormous
field of natural human and super-human progress. (see S.D. I

In one sense no one can claim to "teach" another, but one can
always open doors and windows so that insights acquired abut the
operation of what are called the "Secrets of nature, or "Nature's
secrets." Ideally we are expected to assist any questioner,
give the principles or the Sources we know of that might be of
help -- and then, let the inquirer proceed individually, while
always being ready to serve as a "touchstone" and point of
reference for the future.

In other words we ought to refrain from any influencing of
another student, and give him and all others the freest rein to
discover the principles, laws and procedures on his own.
Theosophy does not proselytize. It builds no Churches, nor does
it seek to create a "following." It does however suggest that
there is value in conferencing and in comparing notes and
queries. This "Group," and those who "participate on this
Internet List," try to do that, and observe the principles
outlined as best they are able.

Best wishes to you,



-----Original Message-----
From: alwilli []
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 11:08 AM
Subject: Theos-World New to List

Hi folks.

Im new to this list. Normal netiquette is to "lurk" until one
perceives the gist of the conversation and enters smoothly at an
appropriate point.

However the subject/matter under discussion is of such a nature
a newcomer like myself joins fairly jumping out of his skin with
enthusiasm to meet people he can discuss these things with.

When one reads a book like Isis Unveiled for the first time,
more than a Century after its first imprint; and still its
demonstrations and hints hit one like a ton of bricks; and one
this way and that seeking someone to discuss ones wake-up
with; but the responses are indulgent at best, Hey get a Life at
worst, it is natural to seek out those similarly fired by such a
powerful redirection and inspiration of thought.

Ive been on the list about 2 (by the time you get this 3 or 4
days) and
received about 15 emails, read them and thought: "OK, this is
what I
expected on the Net. A couple of staunch posters whose debate has
entered the realm of 'private conversation' yet available to all.
should I have expected? A concerted debate towards a fuller
understanding of extant Theosophical Works?"

As I thought that, noting that some interlocutors showed evidence
years of familiarity with theosophical thought, I thought also:
"Naive, perhaps presumptious, am I to think that 100 or more
after the event I should find anywhere, least of all on the
a united, concentrated, enlivened and enthusiastic movement alive
all possibilities; determined to achieve all in the name of This

I am suitably chastened.

My expectations were mine alone and I should not have extended
further than that.

However I still find great value in the discussion. Firstly, that
there is one and, considering the subject matter, quite healthily
subscribed to. Secondly that as a newcomer I am given a, so to
clearer picture of the state of affairs amongst the online
community; one which suggests that a measure of ennui, or
lassitude of
enthusiasm; indeed as a newcomer I distinctly sense a weariness;
condition of proponents "all argued out" and now bent on
salvaging what remains of all the enthusiasm and enlivenment they
entered with into this arena.

Forgive me if I convey my impressions off the top, and perhaps
someone in any way. This is not my intention. I hope only for an
honest response to put me right (or wrong) on way or another.
Best regards,

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