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FW: Theos-World Re: Personal Responsiblity

May 10, 2001 05:27 AM
by dalval14

Dear Friends:


A spelling error occurred on line 2 of my insert below.


It should be ORIGINAL LINES  and not “Lies”.






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Wednesday, May 09, 2001


Dallas asks if he can offer a comment (below) on some of the statements and queries made.






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Dear jhe,


      Ihad read your response and I must say that I agree up to a point.  


No philosophy or religion is 100 percent correct.  We are not at the stage in
evolution to expect it to be.  Leaders of religions, sciences, and
philosohphies, often seem to fall prey to power.  One day we can hope that
the lessons they are learning will help them and us to advance.  


      The individuals who make up the body ofthe TS however, should not
have to be judged along the same lines.  As you say it is an individual thing
at this point.  Each has his own intent. The fact that Dallas trys to make
clear some of the points so that individuals have hopefully a clearer
understanding of his version of the truth is what we are all about isn't it?  
I for one applaude his effort.  





            DTB      All that is offered are the principles that seem to apply to various cases - impartially and based on the “original LINES and the “original objects of the T.S.” 


If each member applies them fearlessly, and with individual courage and seeks to bond with others in a true spirit of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, there will be no personal problems, and the TS can be “returned” to its ORIGINAL PROGRAMME.  There is much confusion about this “original Programme,” possibly because it is made clear in scattered places.  It is an attitude rather than any ritual or lip-adherence.  It is something that comes from the HEART of each member rather than from any written or spoken WORD.  A careful and persistent study of the ideas and ideals to be found expressed in THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE by H.P.B. will help develop this individually.  It is far superior to going to “mediation” schools or circles.  It enables each individual to approach to the intent of the Masters and of H.P.B.


I partisanship and “follow-the-leader” can be replaced in the T.S. by intelligent and diligent self-study, and self-discipline along ethico-moral grounds, the Karmic environment of the individual and the T.S. will be ameliorated.


Historically:  Look back at the record of the progress of THEOSOPHY as revealed in the pages of the first 10 Vols. of THE THEOSOPHIST (1879-1889) and its SUPPLEMENTS.  Read then the first 10 volumes of LUCIFER (1887-1891), and of THE PATH (New York, 1886-96).  The History and the problems that beset the T.S. are detailed there -- also H.P.B.’s wonderful articles (available in BLAVATSKY:  Collected Works; and the 3 Vols. of H.P.B. ARTICLES  published by ULT)


The principles do not step on anyone’s toes if they are nimble enough to keep them free of the glue of personality which slows them down and attaches them illogically to one’s pet-ideas.  Anyone who approaches Theosophy to learn from it, soon enough abandons sensitivity to the lashing of one’s personality.  We are all brother Immortal Pilgrims -- so we may say we will not more loose sight of each-other then any more thanwe have in the past and present.  We are all working together,


Best wishes,


As always,





      Individually we read what he says, just like we all read the books and
then we form our own little version of the truth and try to bring it in to
reality a little at a time.  All the little particles then make a wave.  Hope
I haven't stepped on toes, but I just felt compelled to say these things.
peace and love to all of you and yours.



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