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Animals and planetary rounds

May 10, 2001 05:30 AM
by AnandaYoga

Dear Fellow Seekers
      I am currently reading The Esoteric Tradition, GDP on or around p.329
I was thinking about whales, gorillas, dogs, cats.  He says that life forms
are allowed to specialize now, but will not advance any farther until the
next planetary round, if I understand what I am reading.
      My question or pondering is this:  Were we the Dyan-Chohans
specialized beasts in the last round.  I mean some of us of course.  The DC
are a step beyond us and where we are evolving too, is that not correct.  
Will we then remember our pets, or is the collective consciousness of the
animals standing in the way of that line of thinking?
      I would love to hear some thoughts on this.  Thanks,

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