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Re: Theos-World RE: New to List

May 11, 2001 04:38 AM
by Alan Williams

Hi dalval14,
Thursday, 10 May, 2001, you wrote:
> Dear Alan:

> As you see we are an informal group here, and we exchange notes,
> comments, questions, etc., without too much formality. Our
> basis is one that is unusual: We look on ourselves as "old
> souls" in new bodies. The physiological age and learning of this
> incarnation is no index to the capacity of innate intelligence we
> all possess to some degree. So in effect we act as old friends
> that correspond in an easy and non-formal way. We are all
> "seekers for Truth." The search for, and then the service of

Yes I see it now. Upon looking over my first post I quite clearly see
that I was projecting my expectations unfairly and that because what I
read in IU fired me with a renewed feeling for life I wished that all
I came across were feeling what I feel.

Of course, the hugeness of the responsibility and the difficulty of
the road ahead must still bring me back to earth and a thorough
reappraisal of all I am and a sober assessment of what is practically
possible for me is still to come. When it does I might feel a little
foolish when regarding what I wrote.

> As you have read through ISIS UNVEILED you noticed that
> additional proofs and information was given to reinforce this
> approach. It shed that the whole history of our world is
> involved in this continuous process -- as is the rest of the
> Universe however near or remote.

What struck me so forcefully was the sheer irrefutability of ISIS's
case against established and dogmatic science and religion coupled
with such a majestic idea of the interrelatedness of everthing that
just seemed SO RIGHT, despite my having no further proof of it than
what I was reading.

On the one hand one has to agree entirely in the wrong beingness of
the present world, on the other hand one is offered this gigantic,
sweeping, towering alternative. The choice is obvious, but also very

> If you would like to review and use the basic information
> concerning the interior makeup of a human being -- as Theosophy
> presents it, then read / study Mme. Blavatsky's THE KEY TO
> THEOSOPHY. [ It is also available "on line" through
> ]
> Ask what questions you will, there will always be someone ready
> to assist or to point to some basic concept whereby you can
> develop your own views.

Thankyou I will do appreciate everyone's responses. I have already
downloaded most of the stuff. I have my own 1938 edition copy of ISIS
UNVEILED which I picked up about 20 years ago when the university
library was turfing out its old books. Strange that though I knew I
would not attempt to read it then (all thouse greek and hebrew words
and latin quotes), that I would one day. So the two
volumes survived all my library cleanouts. Well when I picked up volume
One a few months ago and read a few pages, something clicked. I am now
seeking an outlet to purchase the SD in Port Elizabeth, South Africa,
because though online copies are a great boon, I need to flick back
and forth, returning to previous pages and chapters to check or
confirm something Ive read and for that I must have paper.

> In Theosophy, unlike any other system I know of, the emphasis is
> on self-effort.

I believe utterly that nothing can be done except by self-effort,
probably only through super-effort.

> 2. No INTELLIGENCE ever "dies" or is "destroyed." It has its
> roots in the imperishable and universal ONE SPIRITUAL base -- or

No intelligence, but surely many egos dissolve back into their
constituent parts.

> One may broadly divide the "Eternal Pilgrims" which we all are
> into three classes:

> 1. Yet to be men (or not yet conscious of the spiritual self
> within);

This is very interesting for me. To begin one must first be conscious
of the connection with spirit within. But it is not just a matter of
some quiet contemplations in order to attain this conciousness. It
appears that it is far more difficult to attain this conciousness than
at first appears and that possibly a great deal of preparation must be
done before one even thinks of attaining this super-huge goal.


> We have eternity before us (in other bodies no doubt) to learn in
> and while we ought not to "waste time," the necessity for

Well, I still have to come to a graspable understanding of the great
cycles and what the limits of say a day of Brahma are. For example it
appears that after this day is the equally long night. Is it that by
the end of this day all human embodied Sparks must have either through
self-effort earned a place on the next highest plane or must return to
source, or does this happen over a longer cycle, say a year of Brahma,
or even the longest Ive come across, the 100 years of Brahma?

Or is it supposed to be inevitable that every human embodied spark at
this time will in time achieve this?

I understand that as great as the cycles are there is a definite Limit
and all egos who have not made the grade disintegrate, their sparks
returning to source to await the start of another cycle.

So here we have the necessity for sparks of spirit to suffer matter in
order to attain what? greater conciousness? But not the same necessity
for egos. Some or many egos become fused with spirit and in some way
maintain an individual identity, despite being one with all, however
many more will perish... My mind starts boggling so I will halt here.

> queries. This "Group," and those who "participate on this
> Internet List," try to do that, and observe the principles
> outlined as best they are able.

I thank you for your kind words and guidance.

Best regards,

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