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RE: Theos-World RE: New to List

May 13, 2001 04:34 AM
by dalval14

Thanks Doss

Very useful comments.



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Dear Dallas:

Well said!

Your observation of the 'informal group' made me think.

In formal organizations, you have leaders/officers (elected or
appointed or
inherited and all the attendant politics that comes about in
which even the
Theosophical Adept names are dragged into the picture). When
money or other
assets involved a formal organization is necessary to administer
DTB	yes, I KNOW. But then to have the business organization
assume control over the philosophical forum is contrary to the
original program. Business is expediency in handling current law
impartially for the declared purposes of the PHILOSOPHY and not
the other way around.


Since all of us are primarily inquirers or fellow students and
when we meet
as friends with similar interests a forum such as this is perhaps
what is
more effective and efficient (we do not pay any dues to be here
or at most
of the other maillists and communication is almost immediate).


So the question that comes to my mind is - "are organizations
In 1875 when TS was launched, the only way to spread theosophy
was to setup up branches where people could meet and discuss and
communicate. Today with Internet and other modes of
communication, is a new
model needed for 2001 and the old model of 1875 with formal
has served its purpose and need to be discarded? (Is Jiddu
right when he made his "Truth is a Pathless Land" statement?)

DTB	ALL the ancient sages said that each man hews his own path
by his choices. The Universal SPIRIT (a portion or ray of which
is in everything -- including the depth and SOURCE of any human
consciousness) provides "equal opportunity." Its "incarnation
(or rather over-shadowing) of the personality is for the benefit
of the personality as it is given a goal, and a practical logical
reason for VIRTUE.
So we have UNIVERSAL LAW and independence. It is the eternal war
(as in the B. Gita) between BUDDHI-MANAS and KAMA-MANAS. Wisdom
and Desire (without Manas to illumine it) are always at variance.

We have seen over the years, the different organizations, while
the three objects, have rarely communicated between themselves --
unlike the various sects of Christianity -- all looking to Jesus.

DTB	THAT is because they have placed their personalized doctrines
and dogmas over and above the basic truths. If individuals ion
those organizations perceive this they may step aside and
independently communicate as they pursue the TRUTH -- which is
ONE FOR ALL regardless of any "organization."

What do we see here? All the "non-sheep" from the various
congregating on the Internet and communicating with each other
crossing the
organizational boundaries (may be to the disappointment of the
leaders of
organizations, who have, fortunately no power to control what is
going on
here) which has never happened in the non-Internet world. This
may be order
of the future and may be the salvation of theosophy.


Best wishes,



My .02


At 06:13 AM 5/10/01 -0700, wrote:
>Dear Alan:
>As you see we are an informal group here, and we exchange notes,
>comments, questions, etc., without too much formality. Our
>basis is one that is unusual: We look on ourselves as "old
>souls" in new bodies. The physiological age and learning of
>incarnation is no index to the capacity of innate intelligence
>all possess to some degree. So in effect we act as old friends
>that correspond in an easy and non-formal way. We are all
>"seekers for Truth." The search for, and then the service of
>Truth is about the widest and broadest of aspirations we all
>in common. It is universal and it is impersonal.

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