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Further more dicussion Re: Mr Dorje's response

Nov 18, 2000 06:30 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh


Sherab Dorje wrote:

 So nothing exists apart from
the mind, regardless of whatever state the mind is in.

Agreed, nothing exists as you state, only in aspect of our current status of mind(existence). We might exist in other forms, before or after being refuged in this physical body, in a totally different form or dimension. And there .. relatively differently maybe,  but still we might "exist" in a different body surrounded by different-dimensional other existences. Most of which are ...things which which do not "exist".


Another approach we may take to analyze this is to regard phenomena
as effect produced by a cause. Force, must be the sensible
appearance of this process, the movement of energetic flux, of
manifestation or pralaya due to cause. Phenomena appears due to cause
and when the cause is removed the phenomena disappears without a
trace. This also applies to the mind and its state. Different states
of Mind come about because of causes so it follows that in other
states of Mind different phenomena and substance will arise in

Light is one of the forces, as I would presume (I emphasize, my speculation), is a part of the borderline of our this dimensional material and other dimension(s). And in that tune, it agrees with most of the scriptures.

I have to have this dark thought, some thinkers had nothing in mind but to use every avenue to try to prove the scriptures wrong. Some even twisted the words, to accomodate with their selfish motive. And older theosophists had to resist, but failed to prove anything... if one is trying to be wicked relentlessly, you can hardly discuss rationally. Thus the conflict between science and Theosophy has always been there, however un-justified.

This is the problem of talking too far... the puzzles are far too many .. and picking them in an organized array to show what I think(IMHO) .. makes it very difficult for someone who has been believing in the other half of the glass. Even if one understands what I am saying, does not mean .. all the puzzles we fit as we proceed further, as some other puzzles maybe should be before it, or immediately after this one, here I am stating another one:-

I will refer to one comment.."I like him most, that believes without seeing"
-and that comment as long as you do not distort it.. is simple, It is the one who "wants" to believe, one who realizes/feels that un-describable charm of being good, being artistic, being placid, being gentle etc. etc. For knowledge or any intelligence is only a tool, why one acquires or attempts to acquire knowledge .. has the actual motive behind, which is more driven by intuition/deeper thoughts (summation of conscious+subconscious mind) and is the only possible margin to measure his purity. A wicked scholar is inferior to an ignorant pure one... Simple words, does not sound all that intellectual .

A good brain makes an animal a cleverer animal, to make that animal a human.. you need humanity. Yes it is the brain that functions to bring that humanity, but brain is also a part of this dimension's particle based muscle. It does communicate with both.. this dimension and .... the other ones. The influences it recieves from this dimension, is also intelligence, but not necessarily that helps other human around.....opens up another discussion ....

It is not my intent to flippantly reduce the wealth of knowledge
revealed by science to mere mental clutter, that would be
disrespectful nor is it my intent to reduce spiritual views of Mind
to an unregardable eternalist view. Science is an ego, an "I" that
wants to always box things in or find smaller and smaller
compartments of usefully quantifiable corresponding information. It
does this by generating them with concepts, mental constructs. When
one box of concept is complete another larger box is under
development somewhere else. The question, is this, are we just
creating more causes for a larger universe or universes? And if so,
Okay now you are opening other possibilities, according to the facts we know of, those dimensions were before we existed or our current form of intelligence. And if our previous form of intelligence has caused all this, then the unified force of all of the humanic intelligence is still running the show. BUT, obviously the humans who have passed away or to be born in future are still in another form (along with their active intelligence, in a dimension where our-time factors are non-factor)... and makes them (my presumption) a force (in our point of view) another big "oneness" which is hardly "us" in the context of how we humans think while we walk on earth. Cannot shake away the possibility, there is a much bigger form of that force that does not transform at all. Back to conclusion.
then we must examine the motivation for producing these causes. That
line of questioning ultimately leads back to the purpose of being
human. This, I regard, as the highest Theosophical duty.
Absolutely agreed.. in a chorus. With one little tag, (all our discussions are hypothetical and targeted to all eqully including myself, and not to anyone particualrly including yourself). We must not forget, intention and capability. One can be compelled to do many things despite his resentment. And yes we can give big lectures.. "when you are strong in heart, path rises from heaven" ... I like this more said by a great man when others were quick to judge such a victim.."Let him come forth, who thinks he has not sinned".

It is a real pleasure to take part in such a stimulating
converstation. More on this thread later.

Hope this is just the beginning.


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