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RE: [bn-sd] Space - the three are one

Nov 16, 2000 05:07 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 15 2000

Dear Peter:

Every one of those statements are said impartially in the SD, as
I see it. Their universality demands non-partisanship, and
tolerance of the beliefs however true or distorted they may be
that any individual may have adopted. People from any clime,
religion or political persuasion can read and study them without

Perhaps the most difficult thing in the world is for our personal
mind, so attached to its feelings and desires, to become
impartial and impersonal. Where are we going to find those
principles that enfranchise us from unproved beliefs, and open
the doors and windows of clear, universal, and impartial vision.

We first have to do it for ourselves before we offer to help
others. Such a position is often not appreciated by those who
have some kind of "authority" and desire to preserve it as they
think it gives them a "position" which they have to 'defend.'

No one ever fights over TRUTH. But false positions, once
adopted, generally lead to strong defensive efforts when
questioned. It is a rare individual who recognizes that the
'truth' of any condition is impartial; and, is honest enough to
recognize that their own humility is the best defense against the
"might" of ignorance. Curiously enough we all sense when
something is "wrong." Not always do we take the time to find out
exactly what is wrong!

In dealing with metaphysics there is no room for partitions.
Universals will be found the same for everyone. There is no
conflict there. Misunderstandings arise, generally, because of
positions adopted earlier without fully being able to think out
the implications of a "universal" situation. Working back with
one's mind, is the difficult part. Our likes and sympathies
interfere so often.

In the SD, I noticed that the symbols described in Vol. I, pp.
4-6 are followed by several extensive and descriptive pages from
6 to 12.

Then follows the "THREE FUNDAMENTALS" (pages 14 to 21)

1.	Universality of the DEIFIC PRINCIPLE -- symbol
undifferentiated SPACE

2.	Universality and eternity of LAW -- symbolized by a
revolving wheel of life or
SWASTIKA -- from which derives the symbol of the circular

3.	Universal EVOLUTION -- symbolized by HUMANITY in the shape of
a central
ANKH -- a CROSS surmounted by a circle. Each point of LIFE
Is a MONAD. Each Monad is an indissoluble and eternal duad
Consisting of three elements: 1. SPIRIT, 2. MATTER, and,
3. CONSCIOUSNESS. [ Note: Consciousness traverses all
spheres and degrees of limitation (spirit/matter in combination)
It upholds the UNITY of each MONAD and also binds each Monad
To every other and to the WHOLE. (see GITA NOTES, p. 98-100)

HUMANITY because of its Self-consciousness is alone able to
Perceive these principles and choose its own path -- in
With or in opposition to the GENERAL LAW of EVOLUTION. This
Is the source of personal KARMA.


In ISIS UNVEILED (II 452) HPB depicted the 6 pointed star which
symbolizes the 6 and 7 great PRINCIPLES or divisions of NATURE
(the UNIVERSE). And in SD II p. 632-3 she again discusses them
(see also SD II 593 and 596, and SD I 375). The symbol of
"Solomon's Seal" the 6-pointed Star, is used for this.

There is much food for thought and discussion in these items, but
the main thing is, I think: Once that one has grasped their
existence and qualities and methods of interaction, one can see
them all around (and inside of us) IN ACTION.

Our Mind is able to perceive what our merely physical senses

Every choice we make from moment to moment is reflected in and
through these living chords, and nerves of our living universe
and living self. Every small atom, Monad, cell, nerve is
affected by our choices -- for well or ill -- So, in the matter
of living our lives. we are constantly acting as powerful
CREATORS; and we build or destroy our living "home" (the body)
physical, moral, and mental "self" all the time. We are actively
constructing our "FUTURE" all the time.

Best wishes, I hope this will bring more discussion on this.


D. T. B.


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From: Peter Merriott []
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2000 8:41 AM
Subject: [bn-sd] Space - the three are one

Here are some thoughts, tentatively offered on our latest passage
in the SD
page 11. The first part of the question and answer passage is...

"What is it that ever is?"
"Space, the eternal Anupadaka."

"What is it that ever was?"
"The Germ in the Root."

"What is it that is ever coming and going?"
"The Great Breath."

"Then, there are three Eternals?"
"No, the three are one. That which ever is is one, that which
ever was is
one, that which
is ever being and becoming is also one: and this is Space."

Such ideas are really 'seeds' for contemplation, rather than
thoughts for
analysis. They brought to mind the earlier passage on Page 2 of
the Proem
where it describes the Universal Soul as..

"The ONE LIFE, eternal, invisible, yet Omnipresent, without
beginning or

Does this not suggest the notion that the ONE LIFE is Anupadaka,
which means
"parentless".. ie it is not the result of something else, it is
not the
effect of previous causes. It just IS.

But this 'IS-ness' is not static for...

On page 1 of the Proem we find that within the ONE LIFE is the
germ, the
seed of all, that will become the Kosmos. It is the point in the
white disk which will expand to become the ALL and which will
return to, be reabsorbed in, the ONE LIFE.

The ONE LIFE, although without beginning or end is said to be
"periodical in
its manifestations". This 'apparent' coming and going is
symbolised by 'The
Great Breath', which is a term also used in the SD for "ceaseless
"abstract motion" which again is used to represent "unconditioned

The "Great Breath" is also described as "the perpetual motion of
universe, in the sense of limitless ever-present SPACE." (page 2)

Is it not rather beautiful to realise that our true consciousness
IS this
ever 'unconditioned'. It always remains, in its essence,
untainted by the
forms with which it mixes in manifestation. Our true
consciousness IS the movement behind all things, "in the sense of
ever-present SPACE."

Our everyday consciousness seems ever preoccupied with form, even
form, which brings about the sense of 'I' and 'me' and 'other'.
Is it
possible for us to step back from that even for a moment and rest
in our
true nature which is "limitless ever-present SPACE"?

Comments welcome.


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