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Point of view- THIS is a Classic example

Nov 16, 2000 06:26 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh

Hello List,

First I wish to thankyou all for making me think.
(I have been too busy in some other forums. I did not wish to touch this subject

Few days back I put a question to a member here. And the answer came the same
day. I wish you would all read both.

Before we get to that, please realize, I am not drawing any conclusion. But see
if you agree with my bottom line.. (which is not my final belief). How 2
different points of view can make it appear to be conflicting, but it is
actually not. And if you think hard, all of our points of views will be able to
co-exist in some possibilities.. and then we dig further.

The Question I put to Mr Dorje:

What is intermolecular-space?.. there has to be something there.. or the
attraction-distraction-re-fraction, between molecules, electron or proton or any
particle... could not occur.. there is probably (more?) energy within the ..
non-particle spaces(?).or the particles could not relate to one another.. just
they are in balance. IN BALANCE only in respect of OUR HUMAN atomic structure?
And Mr Dorje replied:

[Sherab] Intermolecular space seems to be like any other space, it is
indestructible, you can't cut it, you can't conquer it, it is by nature totally
clear and lucid, it is a fundamental element. It is like the mind, a mirror that
reflects anything that is placed in front of it. Answer this question, what is
it that gets hot? Science is all correlations between things, it doesn't
recognize the fundamental metaphysical assumption that those things can not be
separated from the phenomena of the mind even when using instruments that push
the furthest limits of the known universe. Is this not true?

To me the question and answer is almost like.."half glass full or empty"
Okay now my proposal.. Why cannot intermolecular space be a substance which is
something that does not relate to our(human) MOLECULAR structure; our
measurement of mass/non-mass/negative-mass could not measure or relate to this
so called "space/emptiness/nothingness". It does allow all charactertistics to
flow through it as far as molecular reactions are concerned, without the most
noticable activities/properties being hindered. But anything out of the
molecular/particle based action/reaction that it might interfere with, is not
detectable by us OR our "science"-based knowledge.. which has always been
founded upon the properties of visual, audible, touchable other
words, the atom/particle based knowledge.

There are many posssibilities.. One major that occurs in my mind. (Hypothetical
concept) Space there is, it is made of things, it has ingredients, objects,
properties, characteristics. Suddenly one of those or all of those reacted in
one of their turmoils, and resulted to have a side-effect or by-product of a new
type of things which the older ingredients do not react to.. unless something
happens dramatic in a certian particular .. circumstance.. exactly like the one
that started the new things or just it's reversal circumstance. The same way ..
you melt raw iron, and then let it cool, it changes shape to what ever shape you
allow it. Then if you reheat the new shape, it only then changes shape to
whatever new shape you allow it... etc etc.
Now consider the new objects that came out of the older ingredients are the
particles/atom that we are made of. Our current senses have been practised upon,
thus what we have taken for granted and our current science knowledge is based

So, we our physical/paricle being (same as other particle objects) is just a
structure floating in the older ingredients. And the ulitmate existance is
actually the combination of "both" (or even more dimensions that do not react
with particles directly)

Force or energy we can feel; as they are sitting somewhere between these 2
levels of ingredients. And our mind is the same.. it still carries some of the
ingredients/knowledge/senses, of both the wave-lengths. Our mind is no
particle-based object.. but it is perhaps an object in the dimension of the
older ingredients. And there where we can relate to more than
materials.. we can relate to dimensions beyond the atombased particles we touch,
hear and see. We can still relate to ...... things we have not been able to be
so specifically explicit in our "science-based" knowledge, and we call all those
variety of senses.. in a general term.."Spirituality"

I look forward to corrections.. Let's take them step by step. So we can all
follow together..including myself.


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