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Further More Re: LMH's response

Nov 18, 2000 06:30 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh wrote:

out of ONE thing (the first primal triune field or cosmic being[s] that
emanated out of the ineffable Absolute "rootless root" or "causeless cause").
No dispute from me there.
Doesn't this also relate to the theosophical teachings that no motion in the
universe is ever lost, and that the ultimate memory of all action in the
universe ultimately ends up as a memory in the higher fields of Akasha which
empowers the "skandas" or tendencies that ultimately governs our karma -- as
well as correlate with the scientific theories of "symmetry" and
"conservation of energy"?
NOW, a very important part.. for all of these discussions. Yes agreed, with some minor other possibilites which are negligible at this point.  And some minor difference between Theosophical teachings as well. I remain neutral to all, neutral is a wrong word, I am commonly agreeing with all the scriptures. As far as most of the varieties I have read, they are basically same from various different points, but their elaboration(s) done later do not match anymore.

Allow me to be a bit controversial. The story began, at one time one said .. half glass was water, another said few centuries apart half glass was air. They agree with one another.  But the latter followers believes in water the other believes in air; let alone agree, could not (or would not) communicate anymore.

Perhaps, in this sense, modern and post modern
science and theosophy are not so far apart -- as HPB predicted might occur in
this century.
I am not going to comment on that.. leave it for now. All these are mosltly my thoughts, I did not read them from anywhere. And I did verify them only after my assumptions were questioned by some, there are some old scriptures which detail beautifully on this topic. But too many interpretations make it impossible today to be sure what the actual words were. Once we put the effort, they seem to have the same resource  (be it a Being or the oldest forgotten scripture) and give it half a chance that some words were wrongly translated,..... they all match on this subject.

Most Humbly,

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