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Re: Theos-World Re: Point of view- THIS is a Classic example

Nov 21, 2000 02:36 PM
by Eugene Carpenter

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Point of view- THIS is a Classic example

> Eugene,
> Sometimes when I think of the the ideas of the infinite unknowable
> and the "ALL", and the ideas like "Total Unconditioned Consciousness",
> Subjectivity", etc., and we are told in the Teachings that we are THAT
> ALL) in essence, ever evolving toward getting back to it, I think that the
> teaching also tells us, or implies, in general, overall, that this can
> actually happen. By this I mean that, even though we are rays of THAT, we
> never, no matter how high we may become and evolve to be, within the many
> various levels of Adeptship, reach the top, so to say, and become the ALL
> ourselves, but always stay, as individual units of life, no mater how wise
> wide our scope of understanding and consciousness expands to be, just
> that ABSOLUTE-ALL-NOTHING point, with it forever being out of each unit's
> reach. This leaves always in the action, so to say, by always related to
> duality where all the action actually takes place, inclusive of the
> chain and sequence of cycles of activity and cycles of inactivity, from
> manvantara to manvantara, from universe to universe, and so on, where we
> forever be useful in the various and endless chains of hierarchies of
> even ones where we may even rise to be part of the highest group of beings
> are the lead guides, so to say, no matter how high we are able to be
> in the universe and have relationships with the rest of evolving life.
> Something like that, anyway! :-)
> Meanwhile the natural workings of the universe have a built-in "Catch-22",
> to say: Meaning that without "altruism" being practiced by self-conscious
> responsible beings, in relationship to all beings on all planes of
> life, we can't rise past certain points of development to the many levels
> are known and considered the highest possible levels, at least for each
> manvantaric cycle -- since there is no real top of the heap -- which would
> the ALL. And it has nothing to do with sentiment, as I understand the
> telling us, but is simply the way the universe works -- in other words, it
> naturally demands it (Unity, love, brotherhood, right human relations, one
> all and all for one, and so on) in its impersonal dynamics.
> If these ideas are more or less correct, as being the teachings of
> and as being the reality of the dynamics of the universe, working dynamics
> cause and effect that are considered practical and just (as in justice)
for all
> units, who could have devised a better universal process for all units of
> eternal life to be involved in, than the one that naturally and simply IS?
> Compiler
> -------
Dear Compiler,

The above is beautifully written. It reminds me of the existential agnst of
Sysiphus eternally rolling that huge stone to the top of the heap only to
have it roll back down again.

"What's the - - - - - - - point! "

Enter: the human heart. Enter: the transpersonal soul. One can integrate
the physical, emotional and lower mental life into one transpersonal Life
and at the very balancing point of the buddhic plane one can quietly slip
away and go out of one's mind with love, enough to come face to face with
the will aspect of "reality" and finally understand. The seven into the
three into the one: Total Unconditioned Consciousness(unconsciousness) The
top of the heap that is no-thing. Not being. Not non-being, but both.


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