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Re: 0 + 1 and their friends.

Nov 08, 2000 04:24 PM
by brigid.lucas

Thank You Shampan-e-Shindh (by the way what does your name mean - 
just curious). I do appreciate your message.

This is a subject that has occupied my mind for some time. The 
question seems to me: "From where did existence come? I know I exist, 
that everyhting else that exists exists, but how did It All come 
Since I've read certain books, I have conceptualized existence and 
non-existence being (or not being) at the same time (the best I could 
at least). This is some of what I feel I can gather from such books 
as "The Upanisads", but I could never be certain that this is what 
was being said. It is nice to know that the same concept is shared.
I wonder if the One has knowledge of how It started existing out of 
non-existence? Quite a difficult subject to say the least!

Thanks again,
Lucas of Brigid

--- In, Shampan-e-Shindh <shampan@z...> wrote:
> Dear Mr Carpenter and List,
> Numbers counting and their various progressions are all numeric 
expression of
> occurrence / existence.
> To go to roots, basics, fundamentals.. let's start from where it 
all began.
> What are numbers? .. The comparison of everything in quantity (that 
is what we
> invented numberings for, it is our invention, only one point of 
view WE
> invented)
> One stick exists, another stick exists.. together.. they are 2 
sticks. There is
> no such thing as "no sticks".. but we can imagine .. where "there 
are no
> sticks"; only then .. no sticks is a reality.. Thus 0 sticks. In 
that context,
> of course 0 is an existence.
> Those are things which are "countable" or comparable to one 
another in
> quantity. There are things which are not countable. That is where 
numbers fail
> to be the expressions of these existences. Numbers can only signify 
things which
> are structured in solid form due to their atomic structures.. You 
cannot count
> water.. If you example "a drop of water". I can bring another drop 
and mix with
> it, and they both become one drop.
> Yes .. there is where all numbers actually merge with more facts 
> "number-science" as significantly as materialistic existence 
(touchables) with
> non-materialistic existence's (untouhcables).. Somewhat the same 
as.. the
> smallest particles of an object are not quite touchable materials.. 
yet when
> they are in the usual circumstance they might create a physique. 
You see .. all
> these, we are still considering, ... ALL THESE in regards to 
things we can
> sense.. either by physical touch, or hear or vision .. or some 
other ways. We
> might not be able to notice many occurrences .. that is where we 
have found to
> numeric expression opening up the gates to .. those un-noticed 
existances, but
> we know they exist.. those 2 numeric expressions are ..0 and 
> Opens up a whole lot of discussions. You know it is all like a 3 
> jigsaw puzzle. Just by numbers you have one little part of the 
whole puzzle..
> there are all other concepts that need to click.. And when they 
do.. you know
> you got something.. But how on earth are you going to explain it in 
> Sham

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