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Re: Theos-World 0 + 1 and their friends.

Nov 08, 2000 11:11 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Thanks Sham,

At a certain level of consciousness it can't be explained in words but can
be explained in number language, or seems worth the effort to try.

What is the basis of number language?

The Pythagoreans thought of three as the first number. One and zero were
not not thought of as numbers.

zero, the blank page, the silence?
one, the point
two, the line
three, the triangle, the first form

I really think that understanding zero is the basis for all rational
theosophy. I want company. I appreciate your response.

If all is zero then all can be counted as one. Then one has zero and one.
They are different. They are not the same. One has these two as a basis
for creativity. There seems to be an oscillation of zero and one. Let's
ponder this together. How can one actually count that which is zero? If it
is all zero there is "nothing" to count. Yet. Wait a minute here. If all
is nothing at all then certainly IT IS ONE NOTHING. It is not two nothings.
I recall your drops of water here! How can nothing be less than one. See
how one's consciousness oscillates in this dilemna. At a minimun I hope
this can serve as an interesting zen koan.

Thanks for dancing.
I appreciate it.

I'm going to need your help on using realplayer in the future but not right
now just yet.


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> Dear Mr Carpenter and List,
> Numbers counting and their various progressions are all numeric expression
> occurrence / existence.
> To go to roots, basics, fundamentals.. let's start from where it all
> What are numbers? .. The comparison of everything in quantity (that is
what we
> invented numberings for, it is our invention, only one point of view WE
> invented)
> One stick exists, another stick exists.. together.. they are 2 sticks.
There is
> no such thing as "no sticks".. but we can imagine .. where "there are no
> sticks"; only then .. no sticks is a reality.. Thus 0 sticks. In that
> of course 0 is an existence.
> Those are things which are "countable" or comparable to one another in
> quantity. There are things which are not countable. That is where numbers
> to be the expressions of these existences. Numbers can only signify things
> are structured in solid form due to their atomic structures.. You cannot
> water.. If you example "a drop of water". I can bring another drop and mix
> it, and they both become one drop.
> Yes .. there is where all numbers actually merge with more facts than
> "number-science" as significantly as materialistic existence (touchables)
> non-materialistic existence's (untouhcables).. Somewhat the same as.. the
> smallest particles of an object are not quite touchable materials.. yet
> they are in the usual circumstance they might create a physique. You see
.. all
> these, we are still considering, ... ALL THESE in regards to things we
> sense.. either by physical touch, or hear or vision .. or some other ways.
> might not be able to notice many occurrences .. that is where we have
found to
> numeric expression opening up the gates to .. those un-noticed existances,
> we know they exist.. those 2 numeric expressions are ..0 and infinity.
> Opens up a whole lot of discussions. You know it is all like a 3
> jigsaw puzzle. Just by numbers you have one little part of the whole
> there are all other concepts that need to click.. And when they do.. you
> you got something.. But how on earth are you going to explain it in
> Sham

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