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RE: [bn-study] Re: bn-study digest: November 06, 2000

Nov 08, 2000 11:37 AM
by Dallas Tenbroeck

Nov 8 2000

Dear Manish:

Thanks for your views and comments. Let me append to yours some
of mine, which I hope may help us understand what we are able to
understand of Theosophy, together

D. T. B.

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From: Manish Kumar Khatri []
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 10:25 AM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: bn-study digest: November 06, 2000

Hello DTB !

...cut ...

You say (which I also think) that we are all 'growing'
and would eventually follow the PATH and reach the
GOAL. When we think in this direction we make our
growth a function of Time.

DTB	there is one aspect of our CONSCIOUSNESS which does not grow.
It does not need to. It has and is a vital and intrinsic part of
the WHOLE (what dome have designated "GOD"). In theosophy we
SPIRITUAL BACKGROUND of everything, Paramatma, (ATMA is defined
in Theosophical Glossary, p. 41, 249 : "The Universal Spirit,
the divine Monad, the 7th man, the Supreme Soul."
ATMAMATRASU is called: "...the spiritual atom, as contrasted
with and opposed to, the elementary differentiated atom or
molecule." [These definitions and spellings will probably not
suit some of our modern scholars and present day so-styled
orientalists, who have adopted (for themselves), other and
fresher standards of meaning and spelling. It is the IDEAS that
count and not the straight-jackets of form and verbiage that are
important to those who look for MEANING. ]
If one considers that the embodied (in matter) state of the Monad
( Atma-Buddhi) is that which THINKS, and is seeking consciously
for true and full answers and meanings -- which philosophical
psychology, and the "Search for Truth" demands, then we realise
that it is limited by its own independence, intellect, and
intuitions. Theosophy as a philosophical science, tries to
encourage us to develop and sharpen our intellect and intuition.
It encourages us to seek and compare many systems and free
ourselves from the limitations of formal scholarship. The
growing tips of true science care very little for the formalisms
that literalism adopts.

This is done by first noticing that wee (as the Observer, the
Perceiver, the Witness) never loose our individuality. We may
employ portions of our capacity to perceive, directing it by the
will/desire to Know. [see SD II 176 top, "Desire first arose in
IT, that was the primal germ on mind; and which Sages, searching
with their intellect, have discovered (in their heart) to be the
bond which connects Entity with Non-Entity." (see also Theos.
Glossary, p. 171)
But we do not ever loose our own SELF (in spite of sleep,
dreams, hallucinations, trances, visions, and periods when we are
not physically conscious and using the physical senses). The
ability to direct our consciousness to various levels of
perception is one of the faculties we are at present working on
securing a mastery. Spiritualism, mediumship, the phenomena
reported by experimenters in "New World" matters show that there
is something there that needs research and study.

I think that time in itself is a concept which fades
after a certain level.....personally I believe that
the concept of time and space are also one of the
illusions and we have to grow 'beyond them'.

DTB	Time and Space are necessary concept for dealing with our
present physical world:: 3 dimensions in matter (space) and 3 in
Time (past, present, future). Yet WE (as the Witness) are
SEPARATE from those observations and experiences. We may be
involved in the coloration or attunement of phenomena which
employ one or other of these as a means for inter-communication.
But the PERCEIVER is not modified by the nature of change imposed
on the sense perception. Memories may fade until re-evoked (as
in the use of hypnotic recall). Those experiments show that we
always carry in some level a most accurate record of all levels
of experience. Fading is only an apparent factor and seems
limited to the attrition of our physical instrument with the
passage of time and the erosion of material as atoms and
molecules are constantly being passed on to others who have
better need of them than we do. Perhaps some of the memory
"factors" are then dispersed to others ?

I am unable to comprehend the two theories, growth
with time and validity of time.
DTB	On TIME see what HPB writes in SD: [ SD I 43-4, 37, 542 ]
DTB	Is it not the factor of memory that grows? That is a mental
faculty, even though the apparent receptors are parts of the
nervous and other structures of our present PHYSICAL BODY.

If time is a not-so-true concept and the only
difference between me and a buffalo (which is one day
to become a human) is time....then I guess there is no
difference at all !!

DTB	The difference is experience, which is acquired in the due
course of evolution by the MONAD which is eternally active and
present and in which all experience inheres. Currently a Monad
that energizes and lives in a "buffalo" has many aeons of time
and experience to rise to the level where it can energize and
become a human being.

If you could throw some light on it...I would be

On the other hand I feel that knowledge and growth are
not listed under names of any religion (Christianity,
Hinduism, Islam, Buddhisim...) Maybe I do not follow
any religion but truth.

DTB	The exoteric religions would discourage such individual
effort as it would reduce the importance and money-making ability
of the priests who try to use their knowledge by keeping their
parishioners ignorant. Yes, Theosophy is the key to Wisdom.



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