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Theos-World Direct contact?

Mar 04, 1999 04:15 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Rich wrote:

>The Masters started the original E.S., and the followers broke it into
>during the time of Judge/Besant and then again and again and again.  The
>concern with each tiny piece (Point Loma, Pasadena, Adyar, Anthroposophy,
>Roerich, Bailey) and speaking of each piece as if it were THE ONE seems
>silly to me.  Who cares exactly why the Point Loma group shook up in the
>and some people went their separate ways?
>Do the Masters need a little esoteric group to work through?  Can't
>individuals grow spiritually through independent devotion to the Masters,
>through study, through work for humanity?  Is there anything "esoteric"
>besides this?

If your assumption is true, than HPB was a terrible liar. She ever dreamed
of a real theosophical school in the West, also her successor W. Q. Judge.
Never did they teach that the plane of the Masters is the plane that we
usual people and theosophical students should deal with.
There more, Master K.H. more than once wrote to Sinnett and to Besant (in
the 1900 letter) not to do so, because this thought clouds do not help the
Masters, they disturb them. This idea of direct contact is a terrible
misconception and a violance of esoteric laws and is mainly based on
selfish, kama-manasic thinking. Those false ideas and rumours were spreaded
in HPB's days by the London Lodge (as opposed to the Blavatsky Lodge in
London) and have survived until today in some minds to undermine to real
work of HPB and her teachers.

Even A.P. Sinnett, who received many letters from the Masters, declared,
that the almost letters he got not directly from them, but through HPB.
Sinnett, Hume and even Olcott, who was made President of the outer form,
were not allowed as regular pupils.

Following this false idea one may ask why we have schools and high schools
for our children and driving schools for the adults, when we have all what
we need in us? Why we do not close the schools too? I wonder if Rich and
Jerry Schueler have spent those schools? Why do they not starting a movement
to close these schools? Isnd't the existence of these schools, following the
ideas of Jerry, an elitism?


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