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Re: Theos-World Re: Hassle on History

Mar 04, 1999 04:16 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Well said, David. Thank you for the quotation, I was too busy to type it in.
Now every reader has the possibility to compare and come to his/her own
conclusions and must not follow the questionable statements of "official
history" by the Aristotelian Society at Pasadena.
What a luck we have no the internet and Jerry's "second side" of history has
a chance to come to light, not only for the benefit of the present students,
but also for the students of coming centuries.
Don't fear to think for yourself!

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From: David Green <>
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Date: Monday, March 01, 1999 6:13 PM
Subject: Theos-World Re: Hassle on History

>Mr Frank Reitemeyer wrote-----
>>>The Donant article is biased and full of misconception and gives
>hardly a
>>>true view of history.
>Mr Jerry Schueler wrote-------
>>There are always at least two sides to history (which is why history
>>is so much fun for historians). Yes, I "really believe" Alan's article.
>Mr Alan Donant's article "Colonel Arthur
>L. Conger" is quite onesided
>in its presentation. This is regrettable
>because the article first appeared in
>"Theosophical History"--- a scholarly
>journal edited by Dr James Santucci. I
>would've believed a more balanced assessment
>should have appeared in such a scholarly
>Regarding Colonel Conger's "role in the
>dismissals from the headquarters staff at
>Covina," Mr. Donant wrote [page 45]-------
>"On October 22, 1945, Colonel Conger was
>elected by the Cabinet as the Leader of
>the Theosophical Society.  At this time
>he was confined to a wheelchair by
>Parkinson's disease.  It was a prejudice
>against this illness that lay at the
>heart of the turmoil to come."
>Mr. Donant doesn't support this contention
>about the prejudice with one iota of
>evidence & testimony.  Nothing.
>Now review these two statements by
>Mr Donant-----
>"Resignations from positions of respon-
>sibility of these and other members of
>Colonel Conger's administration were
>asked for after nearly eight months
>of their continuous, public expression
>of dissatisfaction."
>"Some of these individuals did have
>strong differences with Colonel Conger
>and his Theosophic policies.  Some even
>attempted to become more organized
>in their dissatisfaction."
>Surprisingly, no details, no evidence &
>no testimony are given to document the
>"dissatisfaction".  Why was there
>"dissatisfaction"?  Dissatisfaction about
>what?  It is all a mystery in Mr Donant's
>And how do the strong differences &
>dissatisfaction relate to the alleged
>prejudice against Colonel Conger's
>illness? Mr Donant doesn't answer
>this question either.
>Mr Donant takes pages to refute the
>observations of Dr Gregory Tillett, who was
>not a participant & eyewitness to the
>1946 turmoil.  Yet Mr Donant fails to quote
>extremely pertinent passages from an
>account by an actual participant in
>the events.
>Mr Donant refers to this account as
>"Appendix IV of the Point Loma
>Publications edition (1975) of C. J.
>Ryan's book 'H.P. Blavatsky and the
>Theosophical Movement'."  He quotes
>one extract from this essay but
>fails to mention that the appendix
>that is titled "Later Point Loma
>History" was written by W. Emmett
>Small.  This appendix reflects the
>views of Mr Small as well as those
>of Mr Iverson L Harris.  Both Mr
>Small & Mr Harris were participants
>in the "turmoil".  Both were on the
>Cabinet of the TS & both voted to
>elect Colonel Conger as Leader.  And
>both were dismissed months later
>by Colonel Conger.
>According to Mr Small's account,
>the turmoil, the dissatisfaction, etc. etc
>had nothing to do with a prejudice
>against Colonel Conger's illness.
>Mr. Small writes-----------
>"The position that Colonel Conger was
>elected to fill, it should be emphasized,
>was one of purely exoteric and
>administrative authority.  An E.S. Council
>at the time was directing the activities
>of the Esoteric Section. . . . . . . .
>Within three months of his election Col.
>Conger assumed headship of the E.S.,
>declaring he held the same status as
>H.P.B. did.  Within the next few months
>he had summarily dismissed from office all
>who did not immediately acknowledge him
>in this capacity, even though they had
>conscientiously asked for more time to give
>it careful and full consideration.  Those so
>uncharitably and swiftly deprived of former
>duties and responsibilities included, among
>others, the Chairman (Iverson L. Harris) and
>the Secretary (W. Emmett Small) of the
>cabinet. . . . . . . . . . ." pages 363-4
>The omissions indicate that Mr Donant's
>essay is a biased, onesided account of
>the turmoil surrounding Colonel Conger's TS
>administration.  I don't take sides in
>this controversy but ask for a more
>thoughtful, balanced essay on the subject
>than Mr Donant's.
>David Green
>I thank several theosophical students
>for their observations which I've
>incorporated into my comments.
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