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Theos-World Pasadena laughs about Point Loma?

Mar 04, 1999 04:16 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Jerry wrote:

>The only "principles" of any consequence is universal brotherhood,
>which I seriously doubt was ever broken.  Pasadena officials tend
>to smile at the phrase "Point Loma tradition" and insist that this
>phrase itself shows why the break was necessary. This "tradition"
>was created in only a few years by an elitist group of ES members.
>The very phrase smacks of dogmatism, which is why Conger
>and Long rejected it.

Elsie Benjamin, long time secretary of KT and GdeP, once told here
personally another story and you have been told from James Long. Elsie said
in conclusion that those people which split up from Point Loma and founded
in 1951 a Pasadena T.S. for their own philosophy were often of a jealous
character and wanted posts and "power". She gave several examples which I
could post another time. This is supported unconcious by the early
statements of James Long himself in his first circulars. That's the true
reason, why the Point Loma T.S. as an organization broke up, as Philip
Malpas and George Cardinal LeGros witnessed. The sheep were separated. When
the true theosophists were forced to loose their membership and leave
headquarters, they remained true to their pledges and their teachers and
opposed to follow the selfish and elitist way of the secessionists. GdeP
himself told them about the upcoming crisis, which is proofed by his
testimony of 1935. A key to this later T.S. history may to be found in the
history of the early Christians or the school of Platon. Perhaps the
esoteric crisis in Point Loma-Covina was a karmic chance and a test for the
reincarnated souls of some 2,000 years ago? Does history repeats itsself?


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