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Theos-World What is HPB-/PL tradition?

Mar 04, 1999 04:14 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Jerry wrote:

>which I seriously doubt was ever broken.  Pasadena officials tend
>to smile at the phrase "Point Loma tradition" and insist that this
>phrase itself shows why the break was necessary. This "tradition"
>was created in only a few years by an elitist group of ES members.
>The very phrase smacks of dogmatism, which is why Conger
>and Long rejected it.

At this time Conger was nearly death as was not so much karmically
responsible for the bad actions. The main figure was Long.
Your biased idea of the Mystery School at Point Loma is strange and needs
further investigation. What is the Blavatsky/Point Loma tradition?
Let me quote from the "Eclectic Theosophist" back cover (in this invaluable
journal the well-informed John Cooper described once the Point Loma way as
the "Middle Way" of Theosophy):

"The Eclectic Theosophist is dedicated to publishing essays, studies,
fiction and poetry from the Wisdom Religion that expresses the essential
underlying unity of life, including philosophy, science, ethics, myth,
sacred literature, and the world's religions. The "Blavatsky/Point Loma
Tradition" follows a qualitiative value sourced in the ancient "Perennial
Philosophy", reestablished in the West, by H.P. Blavatsky during the
Theosophic Renaissance of the latter part of the last century. Our purpose
is to serve as an open forum for the ablest exponents of Theosophic insight,
thought and practice from both the ancient world and current time."


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