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Can you pass the cute monk test?

Jun 25, 1998 09:04 PM
by Kym Smith

Annette wrote:

>I think I'm in love!  But it's written by a Bhuddist monk - oh no, not

What is it about those guys?  Just a couple months ago, I went to a Tibetian
gathering where monks danced and sang in ways which are really beyond words.
I felt what seemed like my very soul rising from me and becoming one with
all that was Beauty and Love.  And, well, while I was resting in the bliss
of an "alternate reality," I happened to glance around with what can only be
described as human eyes - for they stopped and focused on one of the most
handsome and appealing individuals I had ever seen - who also happened to be
a monk. I felt myself plummenting back to earth due to my bawdy thoughts -
but that fall from grace hardly moved me as my mind kept on wanting to go
places it never, ever should.

It was terrible and thrilling at the same time - and I kept thinking that
the monk could read my mind since that is what "enlightened" people can
sometimes do and, as a result, I was as embarrassed as all get out.

Anyway, due to these types of events in my life, I tend to avoid "spiritual"
huddles - I always leave feeling so. . .so. . .un-something.  I hate that.

It's a plot, Annette, a plot.  Stay strong.


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