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Re: Can you pass the cute monk test?

Jun 25, 1998 10:15 PM
by Annette Rivington wrote:
> It's a plot, Annette, a plot.  Stay strong.

Dear Kym:
I know I'm supposed to say something trite, but first I can't.  I think
perhaps you've illuminated something really important for me in sharing
your experience.

(will not tell you mine as young people are listening)

Here's the threads you initiated for me:
Unattainable, perceived divine and pure
Seeing both the divine and experiencing the base desires of the physical
Wanting to join with the divine
Not wanting to join and hence deflowering the purity
Wanting to be lost in perfect love
Avoiding paranoid schizophrenia
Desiring the experience and experiencing the shame
Wanting to rape the divine and wanting to be raped by it
Denying the desires and prolonging the stuggle
Not denying the desires and prolonging the struggle
Wanting to be ascended
Being imprisoned and avoiding the inevitable

Who needs a book when there's a fantasic bod available as a walking

I'm being strong.  Haven't had sex for 9 years and rarely see the
physical shell on anyone any more.
Yet to ascend anywhere though.
Impassioned and excited

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