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Re: It came from America

Jun 25, 1998 09:46 PM
by Annette Rivington wrote:
> Well, America will spawn SOMETHING, I'm sure.
> But this does bring to mind one question:  For all you folks who DO think
> that Americans ARE the "chosen" people - don't you think you should treat us
> "chosen" people with much more respect?
> Signed,
> An American

Dear Kym:
Just to give you some feedback from up here in Canada....
The coffee club debating society topic at work today (all males but me
and mostly techies) was the Asian Financial situation.  Here's what the
guys firmly said:

"What crisis?  There's no way the States will pay back any debts they
don't want to and after learning their lessons in Vietnam and proving it
in the Gulf, they'll get out the arsenal and clobber whomever is
becoming a bit of a nuisance, meanwhile secretly sabotaging key business
off shore and bumping off a few irritating people.  UN?  What UN?"

Thought you might like to know that certain of your neighbours are real
happy and secure living in the shadow of the schoolyard bully :)

Respectfully yours (and half American although I don't think
Italian/Amer counts in the race scheme)

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