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Re: It came from America

Jun 26, 1998 05:33 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 26th

If reincarnation is a fact and we are eternal pilgrims, then our
incarnation this life in a particular country does not take away
the idea that as a whole we are "chosen people."  No particular
country has any special value since this is ONE EARTH and no
matter where we had this birth we are attached to the same round
globe.  In the course of cycles we meet each other again and
again. (IMHO)

HPB does aver that on the AmericaS a new physiological race is
being developed from the amalgamation of so many different racial
types as we now find living here -- and in a minor way, this can
be seen in Australia, and other countries that are being
re-peopled with members of a different physiological derivation.
Our ability to travel all over the world very fast, and the
several wars have resulted in the sweeping over the face of
sections of the earth of new groups and types, leaving an impress
in their wake of physiological, emotional and intellectual
contacts they impress the new environment with.

Intellectually we may find ourselves attached by family
,education, religion, politics to one group, class or system or
another.  But that is momentary.  What were we, and where were we
last life, or several lives back ?

Were we the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Byzantine, the
Chaldees, or, the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, the Hindus, the
Chinese -- and I mean as egos using bodies of those races.

Are we not perhaps reaping in the present the impact we may have
individually left in the history of a past now forgotten (but not
lost to the "Memory of the immortal Soul").

Did we build the Pyramids, or help carve the Sphinx, or assist in
the carving of the hundreds of cave-temples in Ellora, Ajanta,
Karli, Elephanta in ancient India?   Did we work at the
irrigation projects that cover Thailand, and covered Cambodia
(where there is now jungle) and watch Angkor Wat rise stone after
stone out of the swamps around it ?  Did we participate in
carving the temples at Delphi, or Baalbec, and assist in laying
out Stonehenge, Avesbury or Carnac, or the "serpent mound" in
Iowa ?  Were we in Macchu Piccu or at Copan and Teotehwacan.  Did
we lay out those mysterious lines in the Nazca plateau, or help
to build the mysterious walls at Zimbabwe.  Did we fight with
Rama during the conquest of Lanka when he went is search of his
ravished wife Sita ?  Did we help carve those mysterious giant
human figures set in the walls at Bamian in the Hindu Kush or,
the 58 foot high giant carved out of native granite standing on
his mountain at Shravan Belgola in Mysore, forever staring at the
North?  Did we sail with the Phoenicians, or the early Basques,
or the Danes and sailors of Malabar and colonize the coasts of
other climes ?  And these are only monuments in fragments left to
us to wonder at.

What about our past in terms of ideas :  Were we not with Odin in
the North, and with the Druids in ancient  Gaul?  Did we follow
Zoroaster as he left old India?  Or much earlier, enter with the
Brahmins of the "Aryan" hordes that invaded India from the North
West a million years ago -- those Brahmins who studied under the
Raja-rishees ?  Did we live with the Incas or the Toltecs, the
Todas, or study philosophy under the Hierophants of Egypt, and
astronomy under Asuramaya of the Atlanteans.  Did we listen to
Pythagoras, or Krishna, or Gautama Buddha.  Did we travel with
Nagarjuna into China taking the Buddhist "Good Law" there ?  Were
we among the listeners at the "Sermon on the Mount?"  Did we
argue with Euclid or Thales and Solon, or with Paracelsus, and
van Helmont on the subject of healing and th alchemy of
"simples?"  Did we study the Greek philosophers at Pico della
Mirandols's Florentine Academy.  Were we with Plato and Socrates
in the Athenian Agora ?  Did we help the librarians preserve some
of the marvelous ancient Hermetic scrolls that the Romans,
invading Alexandria, set on fire at the destruction of the
Library ?  Did we witness the explosion of the volcano at
Santorini (Thera) and the subsequent tsunami that swamped the
Grecian, Minoan and Phoenician empires ?   These and a thousand
more questions could be asked of the past, of our past.  And in
her writings, we find HPB discussing events and places more as a
witness, than as one who reads history while never visiting those
ancient places or delving into antique literature, thought and

I would not call the "Americans"  (North, Central and South) a
"chosen" people other than that their countries now witness the
gathering together of those karmic threads that will enable a new
"racial"  (physiological, psychological, and perhaps spiritual)
group to emerge.  HPB predicts that.

Looking over the scope of HPB's writings one is struck with the
fact that at every age and in every nation there have always been
:  1.) the religions and philosophies of the masses -- rites,
ceremonies, etc... and , 2.)  the religion or wisdom of the Wise.
The old religions that we know of today are those attempts (made
periodically by the Wise) to reform the popular modes of
knowledge and worship.

The Wise (as a silent, secret, unobtrusive group -- each knowing
the others) remain unmoved;  (but not unsympathetic).  And from
time, to time as the cycles permit they attempt to reform the
popular modes, to bring them more into line with the truth that
is the common property of all.  (And the source of all the
popular religions.)  In the Theosophical Movement we are
witnessing such an effort.  (IMHO)              Dallas.

I have often wondered.

> Date: Thursday, June 25, 1998 9:24 PM
> From: "Kym Smith" <>
> Subject: It came from America

>Annette wrote:
>>Anyway, I'm still reeling from the recent reading that America
>>spawn the next race
>Well, America will spawn SOMETHING, I'm sure.
>But this does bring to mind one question:  For all you folks who
DO think
>that Americans ARE the "chosen" people - don't you think you
should treat us
>"chosen" people with much more respect?
>An American

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