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Re: = IDEAS and their effect.

Jun 26, 1998 04:25 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Alan:

What is an "Idea" indeed !  As far as I know in me it is a
visualization in my own energic center of a response to a
situation, a memory, or an anticipation on which I am working.  I
evoke these when I feel it is necessary.  As for me, the mind and
its powers are tools (not wholly mastered) but, they are NOT
"Me."  I use and generate and alter them.  What I write now is an
instance of this.  { and I also forget.  Words, at best are an
attempt to convey much more than squiggles on paper or on a
screen ).

As to the power of a thought and distance.  I would not be able
to say whether distance diminishes such.  From some of the things
that the exchanges between HPB and her correspondents, or the
Master and Sinnett, etc.. show to me,  is that the "receiver" has
to be in tune with the "Sender" -- or there is only an
"influence" and not an exact reception.  Apparently the receivers
have to have developed control over their minds and intent, so
that this refinement is produced voluntarily.  I have also noted
that there appears to be a kind of "telephone bell" that rings
when one directs a thought at another "recipient."  Then
apparently the voluntarily attunement seems to take place.  Those
are my surmises from what I read.  HPB and the Masters appear
from what they write in some cases to be far more aware of the
thoughts of those around them, or even at long distance than we
are -- although from time to time some curious coincidences
occur, which need to be noticed.            Dal.

> Date: Thursday, June 25, 1998 5:43 PM
> From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
> Subject: = IDEAS and their effect.

>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>>Could you not say that the difference (as I intended) was to
>>the difference between the "doctrine of the 'eye,' " and the
>>"doctrine of the 'heart ?' "
>You could indeed, but one matter that is in itself a probable
mystery is
>"What is an IDEA, and from whence does it come?"
>>It is also quite true that any thought will affect in howsoever
>>small a way the whole of the universe -- just as a pebble
>>in Malibu Pacific coastal waters will eventually have its
>>on the Cornish Atlantic coast - or your and my exchange over
>>I-net will affect all those who read it.  I would add that it
>>not a matter of strength or of time, but that our living is
>>constantly universalizing our attitudes.
>Agreed, but by the time it gets here (from Malibu) its effect
will be
>considerably reduced in strength.  And wgain, on the subject of
>terms, what *is* an "attitude" ?

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