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Re: Re: The Beginning/End

Jun 26, 1998 05:37 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 26th

Dear Annette:

Be glad the 423 verses are only 97 pages ( not the 60,000 books
of the Buddhist Canon)  and that would take a large house to

No, not cross-reference, but to read and think about.

Take things in small bites, a "day at a time."  Its easier but
just as sure in the long run -- says my experience ( IMHO )  I
must remember to put that in at least once or Gerry may object --
and he is of course right.

Have fun,        Dal

> Date: Thursday, June 25, 1998 9:35 PM
> From: "Annette Rivington" <>
> Subject: Re: Re: The Beginning/End

>Dear Dallas:
>Please understand that I am smiling broadly (especially in light
>recent postings)...
>> These were, as the common testimony, set together as they all
>> coincided in word and idea.  This was then called the
>> It consists of 26 chapters comprising 423 verses (slokas).
>> Many translations have been made of these in many languages,
>> it is wise to use several for cross comparison.
>Oh God!  423 verses, needing to be cross-referenced!
>I'll try, I promise :)
>Once again I have saved your references and will experience the
words as
>they present themselves to me.
>Currently I'm working on a theory of sending a clone to work so
that I
>can just stay home and read and meditate and garden and astral
travel :)
>Are you feeling better now?

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