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Happy trails

Jun 24, 1998 07:18 PM
by Kym Smith

Brenda wrote:

>You know, Kym, you're smart, but some people are really shy.  Why, my son
>is so shy sometimes, it hurts me to watch him.

Obviously, not that smart as I have no idea what you're alluding to here.
Are you saying that you are shy and exchanges with others (or even me in
particular) is painful?  Are you saying I'm shy and somehow my e-mails
reflect that?  Are you simply sharing some knowledge about your son and
family life?

>Do you think there could be
>shy people right here on the internet and blazing ahead of themselves
>courageous new trails into hearts?

Again, I need your help here.  You lost me with "blazing ahead of themselves
courageous new trails into hearts." Whose hearts are getting the new trails?
The shy people?  Or the people who are reading writings from the shy people?
And how does one 'blaze ahead of themselves?'  One can blaze ahead of
others, but I'm unsure how one blazes ahead of their own self.

>An action done with purpose in mind can contain many alternative routes to
>the same goal, so if we fall short accomplishing specically the command we
>had in mind, we can still go at the "accomplishing" of the purpose.  We
>just return to the positive state of assisting life manifest "glory" and
>hopefully a second, third, fourth, etc., chance will come.

Please give me an example of "glory."  In your opinion, how do you know what
is "glory" and what is not "glory?"  In other words, one may think they are
creating "good" but in reality they are creating pain, suffering, or
darkness for others. How does one know a "bad" command from a good
"command?"  How does one know a false "ascended master" from a true
"ascended master?"


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