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Re: Happy trails

Jun 25, 1998 09:24 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

Dear Kym,

This is the way that the conversation went prior to the quotes your post

>>I don't expect everyone to have this
>>type of experience because I see it as a result partly of the purification
>>of the vehicles, which both theosophy and the I AM Temple recommends, and
>>if you haven't done the purifications, how could you be expected to
>>participate in the results!?
>You're right, I've not done the "purifications."  What are they?  How much
>will they cost?  Do they hurt?

I was not insinuating that any particular person hadn't purified enough.  I
was referring to the work I had done myself.  Half jokingly (below where
Kym is smart, but it doesn't help with shyness) I did not want to come out
and try to claim credit again (after what I had already written) by saying
that purifications are lengthy, time-consuming, not always enjoyable for
many reasons (one main reason is that we become somewhat anti-social within
our "class" of society) I don't want to come forth and tell about my life,
if there was pain, if there were moments I'd rather not recall.  I just
wanted to claim some credit for an accomplishment that took many years of
hard work.  I don't think many people would understand that people who do
purifications might look at them as work - work that is not always
pleasant, but it is done in good faith that there will be a beneficial

>>You know, Kym, you're smart, but some people are really shy.  Why, my son
>>is so shy sometimes, it hurts me to watch him.
>Obviously, not that smart as I have no idea what you're alluding to here.

>Are you saying that you are shy and exchanges with others (or even me in
>particular) is painful?  Are you saying I'm shy and somehow my e-mails
>reflect that?  Are you simply sharing some knowledge about your son and
>family life?

I tried to change the subject somewhat because I think purification is a
simple subject and you don't need me to list the things that can be done:
vegetarianism, abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and other impure substances
such as cigarettes, sexual abstinence, regular meditation, devotion.  I'm
surprised there weren't other theosophists who wanted to chime in and give
their frequently encountered (when doing spiritual reading) list.  I guess
for simplification it could be the ten commandments.  We have to really
decide for ourselves is purification is a valid method of reaching for
spiritual experiences. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali says that it is.

I also suppose I changed the subject to shyness because it is on my mind a
lot and because you were once so quick to assert your friendship with
someone I thought you could hardly even know.  It's a nice topic if we look
at it psychologically.  I was perhaps hoping someone might have some data
on how the internet has helped shy people overcome their shyness and find a
new freedom with words and "strangers." Since my own son is shy, I'm
fishing for data on the subject and he is so LOUD.  His voice is big and
booming.  I'm very glad to see a reserve that might help him to control his
nature. Since I'm his mother, I feel a responsibility for steering him in
the right direction.  What do I do when he starts screaming in public?  But
won't answer a question or ask a question when I prompt him?

I know it hasn't anything to do with purification, except perhaps that I
need to attempt control in his psychological makeup or at least attempt

I, myself, don't make friends at all easily.  I'm comfortable on the
internet writing to "strangers" because I like my subject. I've had two
very dear, good, friends in the last 20 years that I shall remember to
bless all of my life.  Maybe this is selfish, but I am really, really,
impressed with them as individuals and admire and respect them lots.  Both
are women and one is a lawyer and one is a doctor.  Sometimes when I look
at this "short" "professional" list of friends, I wonder why I limited
myself to these friends and if there isn't some underlying deception I'm
pulling on myself.  Sometimes I think perhaps all of my list of friends
would be similar in nature and I don't know why, but I am trying to build a
list of friends, because I could escape my home scene for awhile and go to
their houses.  So, I tell myself that my daughter's piano teacher is a
friend, that my daughter's school friend's mom is a friend, and that people
in the study center are "friends" because I could escape to their homes for
a while, but I don't have the intimacy that I had with the doctor and the
lawyer, and I don't cherish the relationship at all the same way.

People have different standards for friends just as they have different
standards for writing articles.  I'm not trying to push anyone to TRY
PURIFICATIONS, but I'm trying to make note that there have been some
results in my life and I really EXPECT more.  I can understand the list of
"powers of the mind" as they are listed in the YOGA SUTRAS in a new way,
because I have absolutely no idea how powers can be developed in me, where
it becomes a simple matter when one accepts that a great being - taking up
residency within my PRESENCE, could exert a different influence on my
vehicles and the matter around me to create effects such as are described
by soul powers.  It's really nice thinking that powers are revealed
"through me" by "another being at another level of evolution."

>>Do you think there could be
>>shy people right here on the internet and blazing ahead of themselves
>>courageous new trails into hearts?

>Again, I need your help here.  You lost me with "blazing ahead of themselves
>courageous new trails into hearts." Whose hearts are getting the new trails?
>The shy people?  Or the people who are reading writings from the shy people?
>And how does one 'blaze ahead of themselves?'  One can blaze ahead of
>others, but I'm unsure how one blazes ahead of their own self.

Shy people might be able to blaze their way into hearts in a new way
because they don't have to face the people their speaking with here.  I
think that would be wonderful, because I don't think you should forfeit
love and relationships just because you are shy - at particular times - in
meeting new people. It may take courage for some people to write about
their feelings here.  There is some degree of ridicule going on and someone
might like to be taken "to heart" or taken sincerely on what they say -

>>An action done with purpose in mind can contain many alternative routes to
>>the same goal, so if we fall short accomplishing specically the command we
>>had in mind, we can still go at the "accomplishing" of the purpose.  We
>>just return to the positive state of assisting life manifest "glory" and
>>hopefully a second, third, fourth, etc., chance will come.
>Please give me an example of "glory."  In your opinion, how do you know what
>is "glory" and what is not "glory?"  In other words, one may think they are
>creating "good" but in reality they are creating pain, suffering, or
>darkness for others. How does one know a "bad" command from a good
>"command?"  How does one know a false "ascended master" from a true
>"ascended master?"

The glory I am referring to is like what might be happening in an Ascended
Master Octave as it manifests on earth.  The same way man's "glory" brought
flowers and an abundance of animal life to earth when dinosaurs were
replaced here.

I'm surprised other theosophists haven't jumped at this one also.
Discrimination is a quality that many theosophists are familiar with
needing in order to walk the path. You just have to study and do everything
that is "advised" in order to try to know these things.  Purification is
foremost in my mind.

Thanks for caring,

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