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Straight, no milk

Jun 24, 1998 07:18 PM
by Kym Smith

Govert wrote:

>Yes, C.U.T. thinks that there is a substantial chance for
>such a situation to occur, substantial enough to be
>prepared. But we hope it will not happen. Better safe, than
>sorry. You are not at risk regarding rightwingers, because
>you probably have not food for more than a week. Sorry if
>you don't catch the logic.

Yes, I know what you're saying here, but I doubt it has much logic for me to
"catch."  Lizzie Prophet said the world was going to end in 1990 - C.U.T.
has this "end time" mentality.  And yes, I am at risk regarding
"rightwingers" - America is run by them and I know the damage they can do -
and they need not rob my cupboards to do it.

>The U.S. government has failed to provide its people with a
>common defense, so the people have to provide it for

You got that straight from an NRA (National Rifle Association) manual,
didn't you!?

>Compassion and justice are for me the key-words and I do not
>translate them into pacifism nor situational ethics. For a
>more visionary account of Adepts invoved in politics
>throughout the ages read
>Manly P. Hall's "The secret Destiny of America."

First of all, I don't trust anyone with the first name of "Manly."

Secondly, you may also have noticed that CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN is a
wieldy book.  Same with the SD or any other big, honkin' monograph.  Rather
than stockpile guns, I suggest stockpiling those titles.  When the
rightwingers attack, simply beat them to death with the corner edges of the
aforementioned books.  Messy, yes, but it will get the job done.

Now, after having accomplished the mission of the Masters, imagine the
tingles of holding up such aforementioned books (like the Statue of Liberty
holds up her Light), slowly dripping thick drops of blood down your arm,
knowing you have vanquished the enemy, preserved the Masters and Truth,
revealed compassion, doled out justice, and lived to tell about it.  You're
right, pacifists miss out on all the good stuff.

You know, Govert, I've figured it out.  No one else is getting into this
because you're a fruit loop and I just might be a fruit loop and they've all
realized it but us.


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