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Re: Re: Straight, no milk

Jun 25, 1998 10:21 PM
by Govert Schuller

>Govert, you talk as if C.U.T.
>was some kind of country or nation itself.  It's not.  It
is supposed to be
>a sanctuary, a place of peace - a place of SPIRITUALITY.
It is not some
>state within a state.

It IS a place of spirituality, and unfortunately some, in
their human fear, have perceived it as an autonomous entity,
which it is not. It's relative isolation and hostile
environment were factors in this. Still, given the mandate
bestowed upon this group by the Masters, i.e. embody the
teachings and survive with them no matter what comes down,
we/they did pursue the right course with providing fall-out
shelters and means to defend them.

  Yet, somehow, C.U.T. and its followers (including
>you) have turned God and the "ascended masters" into some
kind of brute

Spiritual warriors maybe, not brute, that's what you make of

It is no longer a place of reverence and Universal Love - it
>smells of gun metal and ammunition.  It justifies breaking
laws and killing.

One person broke the law, was punished, apologized and
admitted that he made an unnecessary mistake. Case closed.
The killing is only justified in self-defense.  I respect
your differing view.

>There is a difference between church and state.  States
should be secular -
>and should provide and direct any necessary military
action.  C.U.T. should
>be a place of LOVE - no talk of hate, fear, mistrust, or
any other
>destructive thought-form should enter its gateway.

I agree, but the world is far from perfect and members of
C.U.T. are far from perfect. Everybody will receive his
karmic return of negative thought-forms. The organization
acted on a set of common sense premises about the dangers in
this world and came in my opinion to sound conclusions and
decisions. Again, your differing point of view is noted.

>You just don't get it, Govert.

If IT is your opinion, just keep it.

>C.U.T. is now no different than the groups it claims to be
fighting against.
>Should your and C.U.T.'s thoughtforms come to pass - you
will have a long
>and arduous task of rectifying the massive amount of
responsibility your
>mind holds in bringing on such a horror.

I assume that you are referring to the idea that someone's
fears will be a causative factor in the realization of its
content. If I would really fear strongly, obsessively and
continuous about falling through the floor while sitting
behind my computer, one day it will happen. Maybe. Corollary
it might be true that if you have no fear at all for getting
attacked by a wild animal in the jungle it will not happen.
Yes, that might be so, but it depends on one's spiritual
attainment. Hopefully the collective spiritual attainment of
humanity in toto is big enough to prevent nuclear war,
eventhough history, especially the 1929-1945 period, did not
leave a record inspiring optimism. So, better to prepare for
any eventuality so you can face the future with confidence
in a Golden Age of peace and enlightenment, which is a
thought-form we also send out, hopefully stronger than the
negative one. The latter has so far been registered by you
and other theosophists as if the former does not exist.
Personally I vouch for and witness its existence.



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